Best Movie Pickups for the Weekend

The whole infrastructure of the world has changed in the past few decades. Our lifestyle, interaction with other people, and how we perform our day-to-day tasks have changed. There are quite a few reasons behind it, and one of the crucial things is technological evolution.

Specifically speaking, everything has changed ever since the internet has integrated into our lifestyle. The cost-effectiveness and vast internet footprint have encouraged more and more people to adopt this technology. The internet has become so economical that if we look at Spectrum offers, we can see that a regular user can easily get high-speed internet for only a few bucks.

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This change towards the internet has made people digital, and they prefer communications over digital means instead of interpersonal meetings. There was a time when friends used to gather for a movie night or random hangouts, but this seems almost non-existent today.

The icing on the cake has become the recent pandemic which has added fuel to the fire, restricting people to their houses, limiting movements, interpersonal interactions, and meetings. In times like these, people are going through financial problems, but mental health problems are also on the rise.

Since back in the day, people didn’t have time for leisure activities, but now, people are not allowed to go out and have fun. However, in times like these, platforms like cable TV, streaming services, and gaming are the handful of saviors keeping human sanity intact. There was also a steep increase in mental health problems during the pandemic due to these various factors.

That is why we have created this article to give some movie suggestions to our readers to watch it during their free time or weekends to uplift their mood and kill boredom.

Movies to Enjoy on Weekends

Netflix on iPad

Visual media has been the primary source of entertainment for the general population ever since it was invented over a century ago. Since commercial cinema started back in the 1930s, it has garnered quite a loyal fan base that is still going strong today.

It should be noted that the movie industry has been thriving long before TVs were introduced. Today we have seen a combination of the movie and TV industry add the new streaming services to this mix, and you have a perfect entertainment package.

Streaming and TV have immensely helped people get the necessary entertainment when cinemas are closed and people are in their houses. Back in the day, people had to buy or rent home media in the form of DVDs or VHS Cassettes, but technological advancements have transformed that in the shape of on-demand services and streaming content.

There are millions of hours of content available on the internet, including movies from all over the globe. Now avid movie watchers can watch their favorite content over the internet through these streaming apps or on their cable TV through on-demand services.

It created an immense saturation posing a problem on what to watch on a Saturday night when there are so many options. That is why we have written this piece as a sincere suggestion list from one movie fan to another on what they should watch next weekend. Check out this list of best movie pickups for the weekend that includes different genres of films and have something according to the taste of different types of movie buffs.

Red Notice

Red Notice

The no-nonsense action comedy film Red Notice comes first, starring Hollywood heavyweights Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot. It is your regular action film with a plot that follows an FBI Agent (Johnson) who recruits an art thief (Reynolds) to catch a criminal (Gadot).

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, with whom Johnson has already collaborated twice before, although this is the first time all these stars are acting together. It was an ambitious project, an original Netflix product made on a whopping budget of $200 Million.

However, this investment paid off pretty well as it became the most-watched Netflix original over a weekend and the most-watched film of the platform overall in just 28 days. This movie’s star cast alone makes it a fun watch with guys over the weekend, and the audience response clearly shows that you’ll have a good time watching this flick.

A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born is something for the romantic types out there; the 2018 rendition of the famous story, which has already been made into a movie with two musicals. However, the modern take to the story is a refreshing one starring the handsome Bradley Cooper.

He has also made his directorial debut alongside Lady Gaga, the iconic pop star with her first breakthrough in acting. It was a path-breaking film in terms of the weight of expectations since this story of an alcoholic singer falling in love with a younger aspiring singer has been made into quite beautiful movies in the past.

Being in development hell for several years, this remake has undoubtedly hit it out of the park, with actual acting performance and screenplay that will pull your heartstrings. Such is evident from the film’s rave response from the audience and critics. Not to forget the five Oscar nominations, including best picture, best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, and the best original song it won. A perfect movie for a date night with your partner.

The Conjuring

The Conjuring

The last on this list is a treat for horror fans; The Conjuring is a movie that some call the horror masterpiece of modern time. It was released in 2013, directed by James Wan, and written by Chad and Carey Hayes. It is the first installment of The Conjuring Universe.

The Conjuring is based on actual events from the case files of paranormal investigator couple Ed and Lorraine Warren that were active in the 1950s. The plot follows the Warrens investigating supernatural events in a farmhouse that has terrified its residents. The film stars Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren, Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren with Lili Taylor, and Ron Livingston.

It received positive reviews from critics, with many praising the performances of Wilson and Farmiga, as well as the direction, screenplay, score, and special effects. It was a box office success grossing $319 million worldwide on a mere $20 million budget and spanning a whole universe of sequels and spin-off films. A genuinely scary movie that should only be watched on a weekend sleepover because it’s guaranteed to keep you awake.


In today’s busy life, people don’t have time for even themselves, pair it up with the current pandemic, and you have a recipe of disaster for your physical and mental health. That is why it is necessary to take some break from this monotone life routine and enjoy weekends with some get-togethers and movie nights with friends, family, or significant others.

Besides, suppose you are confused about what to pick from a plethora of content. In that case, you might want to start from this list we have created that has a movie of every genre readily available on major streaming platforms so you can have a perfect movie night with the flick of your choice.