How to realize your app idea in React.js

React.JS is a JavaScript library that has been gaining continuous popularity since its release in 2013. Created by Facebook for its own purposes, it is now one of the most used libraries in the world. As a versatile tool, it is likely that it matches your project as well, whether you want to create a small application or a big, scalable tool.

With React, you can easily reach out for new possibilities, but before you start planning, let’s look into its specifics.


Why React?

If you are reading our article, you probably already have an idea about its benefits, but in case of any doubts, let’s point them out! React.js is versatile and guarantees great performance. Its component-based architecture promotes reusability and facilitates the building of complex interfaces at a fast pace. If you work on short deadlines or want to ensure that no one compromises your competitive edge, React may thus be a good idea.

The library also stands out with its performance, which is mainly due to its Virtual DOM. This concept enables you to minimize the rendered elements in the actual DOM, working on its lightweight representation instead. Not only does your application perform better due to such a model, but also, the work itself becomes much easier, particularly if you’re working on a complex solution. The developers can use the declarative syntax, defining the app’s UI based on its current state which saves them a lot of time and effort.

How to choose specialists for your React project?

When composing your team, whether you work in a team extension model or search for internal specialists who will join your company, make sure to pick developers experienced with JavaScript. In the end, this language has a steep learning curve, and inexperienced team members may put the project at risk. The concept of Virtual DOM and the meanders of React are relatively easy to grasp, and your JS devs should not have trouble delving into it, considering the extensive community support. 

If you don’t have an internal team or your resources are fully exploited at the moment, you could also think about end-to-end React development. In this case, the external software house will take care of your project from the beginning to the end. In this case, you will not be directly involved with the development of your product, so for your own peace of mind, scan the company’s portfolio and make sure they already worked with React in the past.

What to remember when working with the React development company

Team of developers

The standout features of the React library contribute to its popularity but can also cause some trouble. Keep in mind that this way of thinking about UI development is quite unique, and anyone without experience will take a while to get fluent with this tool. If you are willing to risk, you should take costly mistakes into consideration.

Another thing is that the state management in React is via components. Here’s where a paradox appears – component-based architecture facilitates scaling, but, with scaling, managing the state within the components might become increasingly troublesome. Fortunately, there are tools for that, for instance, Redux or Context API.

And last but not least – keep a close eye on the code itself. React development can be problematic in terms of the boilerplate code, particularly if you scale your app. Solution? Make sure your React development company refactors the code every once in a while and keeps other good coding practices.

If you remember about these aspects, React can become a great tool that leads your solution to commercial success. Take advantage of its potential!