What Is Internet Failover

In simple terms, an internet failover is a backup internet connection that establishes a network redundancy so that you or your business is safe from network outages.

It is highly essential for businesses as network outages can be costly, especially if they happen over an extended period of time. From client communications to internet operations, it can cost you a significant amount of your revenue if you don’t have a backup internet.

How Does an Internet Failover Work

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When your primary internet service provider encounters issues causing an internet outage, your internet failover will switch your connection to your backup internet so that you can stay connected and do your tasks until your primary network goes back up. There are various factors that may result in network outages, such as natural disasters, traffic accidents, and cyber attacks.

Maintaining uninterrupted access to the internet is critical in practically every industry. From healthcare facilities to food establishments, high-speed internet connection has become more important nowadays.

For instance, network outages in banks lead to a complete stop of operations, while restaurants cannot accept nor dispatch orders because they cannot utilize their point of sales software. If your business has an internet failover, you don’t have to worry about such things because you will have a backup in case your main network fails.

How Can an Internet Failover Help My Business

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Even if you have the most reliable internet provider, you will still experience network outages once in a while. There are numerous benefits of having an internet failover, including the following:

1. Reduce Downtime

If your primary internet service provider goes down for whatever reason, you’ll have a backup plan ready to go. It reduces the amount of time that is lost due to the network outage. When it comes to high-level business deals, internet outages are practically eliminated.

The downtime will likely depend on what type of internet failover you have (warm, hot, or cold.) Even so, an internet failover will likely prevent you from experiencing long downtimes that could cost you your entire business.

2. Increase Productivity

Even if you have the fastest internet, aka fiber internet, your employee productivity will significantly decrease if you experience a network outage without any backup internet. But if you have an internet failover, your employees can spend more time working and less time waiting for the network to come back.

If your business is heavily reliant on an internet connection, it’s imperative to have an internet failover so that you can protect your business from massive losses and customer complaints.

3. Promote Business Continuity

Having a second internet connection ensures that your primary internet connection will not go down in the event of a failure. It’s best if this comes from a different source and even better if it’s conveyed in a new way, such as wireless internet.

An additional wide area network (WAN) router will allow automated failover from one connection to another in the event of an outage or difficulty with your primary connection.

4. Data Safety

Protecting a company’s database is a must because it is its most valuable asset. In addition, it is necessary to maintain a continuous line of communication with both customers and employees due to the rise of online resources and the near-instantaneous collection of these.

Every time there is an outage, companies run the danger of losing their data. Installing a proper backup connection eliminates this danger because you don’t have to retrieve or recover data if you have an interrupted connection.

5. Extra Security

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Crucial data and essential transactions can be safeguarded by having an internet failover. In the event of unexpected network downtime, it maintains company continuity.

Business transactions can be safeguarded during a power outage if organizations have a backup internet connection, which gives them more time to respond.  Due to its seamless nature, backup internet is especially beneficial for organizations that collect extremely sensitive information.

Final Thoughts

In order to ensure business continuity, we highly recommend you invest in an internet failover. When selecting a backup internet service, it’s critical to consider factors like bandwidth and reliability.

It is counterproductive to have a backup internet service prone to outages. So, make sure to compare different internet providers to help you narrow down your choices. Choose wisely!