Eight Ways to Save Money on Your Internet Bill

There’s no denying that internet plans can be expensive, especially if you have a large household filled with people who frequently play online games and stream movies.

With the internet being a necessity, many people have no choice but to pay the costs every month, whether the connection is for remote classes or work.

Fortunately, you have many ways to cut down on your monthly internet bills. In this article, we’ll dive into some of the easiest and the most clever ways to save money on your internet bill. Let’s go!

1. Check if you are qualified for an internet subsidy

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There are several government programs that help residents connect to the internet, especially those who are unprivileged. You may check with the Federal Communications Commission to see if you qualify for their program.

Some internet providers are also participating with the discounted internet plans, as long as you meet their specific requirements.

2. Check your internet speed regularly


Advertised maximum speeds aren’t really guaranteed unless you’re connected via ethernet. But, if you’re experiencing a significantly lower internet speed than what you’re paying for, you should ask your internet for a discount to make up for the speeds you aren’t receiving.

If you love to download entertainment content from The Pirate Bay, you will need strong bandwidth and amazing speeds. In this scenario, you will have to invest in the best internet services that will cost you a lot of money. Make sure that you first decide on your needs and then think about the plan and its costing.

3. Bundle your services

If cutting the cord is not an option, you can opt to bundle your services. Most telecom companies offer bundled TV streaming services and internet plans or phone services.

By doing so, you can save at least $5 to $10 dollars a month, which is not that much for most people, but it’s still a significant amount that can be used on more important things.

4. Cut the cord, like everybody else


Cord cutting has become the new normal since the popularity of streaming services skyrocketed. If you are paying more than $100 per month for your cable bill, it’s only worth it if you or someone else is using it every day. Let’s say you only enjoy shows that are exclusively available on streaming services like Netflix or Hulu.

Cutting the cord and opting for a Netflix or Hulu subscription is a no-brainer that will save you a lot of money per month. Don’t worry; cord cutting doesn’t mean you have to watch on your mobile or laptop. Nowadays, you can purchase smart TVs to stream different shows or buy streaming devices, like Roku, to directly watch on-demand shows on your television.

5. Purchase your own internet equipment

For a monthly fee of $5–$10, most Internet service providers include a router as part of the package. A year’s subscription to this service will cost you a lot more than you would pay for a new router. Many people think that buying their own router costs them more, but it’s the other way around.

It got worse when ISPs increased their router rental rates by up to 33% in the previous year, so if you want to save money, buy your own equipment instead. However, the only catch is you’ll have to set up your own router if you buy one from the store. But, it’s not as complicated as you may think, and you can find step-by-step tutorials on YouTube for about every make and model out there.

6. Downgrade your current internet plan

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If you think that your current plan is more than what you’re consuming, you may want to consider downgrading that’s enough for your needs.

By doing this, you can save at least $15 to $20 per month. Make sure to monitor your consumption to determine your most accurate internet usage.

7. Look into small internet providers

There’s a monopoly problem with broadband in the US. When it comes to competition, certain regions do better than others. Small businesses are working hard to make high-speed, low-cost fiber Internet available to the general population in the US.

It’s not uncommon for small ISPs to be more expensive, but their higher download speeds and superior customer service more than make up for it.

8. Negotiate with your internet provider

Most internet service providers are open to negotiating with their customers, especially if it’s about discounts or better deals. You can ask them to give you some discounts, especially if you’ve been with them for many years.

But sometimes, you just have to tell them you’re not playing, and you’re ready to switch providers if they aren’t willing to negotiate.


These are eight easy ways to save money on your internet bill. Now that internet plans are becoming more expensive day by day, make sure to follow these ways and share them with your friends who need to save a couple of bucks.