Why Startups Use Macs Instead of PCs

Investing in technology is a big part of most startup businesses. Without the right tech, you can hardly do anything these days.

Therefore, you need to determine the most suitable types of computers for your business. An appropriate type means something that costs you less in the long run and provides the best user experience.

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The Windows vs. Mac rivalry has been going on for a long time, with massive numbers on both sides. However, nowadays, new businesses prefer to invest in Macs rather than PCs.

Why? Let’s have a look.

Macs Provide a Great User Experience

The operating system is everything when it comes to user experience, other than the quality of the machinery itself. The two most popular systems are Mac and Windows. While the Windows system has some great features, it hasn’t come as far as Mac.

Mac provides an easy-to-use, simple, and stable user interface. You will experience the least number of lags compared to any other system. Also, the upgrades on the newest models are incomparable.

Choosing a Mac Is Simple


Choosing a PC or a Windows laptop for your needs can be incredibly complicated. You need to make many decisions and do a lot of research. After all, you want your investment not to go to waste.

Choosing the right brand alone can be very challenging. Then, you have to look for reviews and talk to experts about your needs. With that, you also have to take your budget into account.

With the Mac, the struggle is not as great. There are five choices:

  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro
  • Mac Mini
  • iMac
  • Mac Pro

If the staff at the Apple store recommends you buy a system that is out of your range, you can always look at older versions.

Macs Have Excellent Software Choices

Software programming

Windows laptops and computers have a great variety of software options. You can download and install software to do just about anything you want to on Windows. While some of these are free, others will cost you. Of course, suitable applications don’t come for free.

However, these applications don’t come pre-installed with your Windows system. All of these are third-party software. Even if the Windows system has some pre-installed applications, most users still prefer third-party ones.

With Macs, you get a load of pre-installed software right off the bat. Applications like iMovie, Maps, and FaceTime, among others, are Apple products and incredibly useful. There is no need to get additional third-party applications.

For business operations, you can download Microsoft Office and PDF software securely from the App Store. You can also quickly learn important business things like extracting photos from pdf on a Mac from the internet. Everything is easy and straightforward.

MacBooks Are More Secure

Security tab

Cybersecurity is a massive concern for companies around the world. Regardless of size or type of business, companies can be attacked by hackers for data, money, or both. Therefore, businesses are doing whatever they can to protect themselves and strengthen the barriers of defense.

These attacks are mainly on computers using Windows operating systems. The reason is that Windows systems are more accessible for third parties to “play with” and, thereby, easier and faster to hack into.

Even if you look at the more sophisticated hacks that have happened recently, Macs are still a safer option than Windows systems.

MacBooks Are Easier to Maintain and Repair

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When you purchase a Windows system, you’re not buying a piece of machine that has everything from one manufacturer. One brand manufactures the hardware, another brand the operating system, another the drivers, etc.

Since you’re purchasing from different companies, you can’t be sure that they will all work in harmony for an extended time period.

If there’s a problem with your Windows PC, you can’t go to Microsoft. Moreover, sometimes the brand whose system it is doesn’t fix it if it’s out of warranty. You will have to go to a third party.

With Macs, there is no struggle. Everything from big to small was manufactured or created by Apple. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about them working together in harmony, reducing your maintenance costs.

If there is a problem with your Mac, you can go to the Apple Store, and they will set you right up, reducing the stress of finding the issue and solving the problem.

Moreover, Apple provides excellent customer support to its users, and you can call them if there are any problems.