A Guide to the Best Canva Infographic Templates

Did you know that an effective infographic can increase traffic to your website?

So, what is the secret behind this?

Infographics are proven to be one of the best ways to explain a topic. They provide a visual representation of a certain company or subject.

If you want to go for this marketing strategy, make sure you invest in one that portrays your business in the best way possible and created with the right tools!

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Listed below is a full guide on the top Canva infographic templates. Find the perfect one to portray your message.


Canva is becoming increasingly popular for its simple infographic templates. It allows users to quickly and easily create eye-catching visual content. When it comes to flowcharts, Canva offers everything needed to create highly effective diagrams.

Their design library contains hundreds of templates with eye-catching colors, images, and illustrations that can be customized and tailored to fit any project. Canvas templates enable you to add text, arrows, charts, and other graphics to explain complex processes.


Canva timelines are a great way to convey events and chronologies using stunning visuals in your infographics. These templates allow you to get creative with placing your texts and images.

You can even choose from several different colors to finish off your design. Canva’s timelines are incredibly easy to use and it only takes a few clicks to finalize your timeline layout for an appealing visual effect.

With the help of Canvas timelines, you can easily create a beautiful and informative infographic that stands out from the competition.


Canva has a myriad of options available that are perfect for creating engaging, visually pleasing infographics about maps. You can easily customize each template, making it easy to showcase a map’s route, and point of interest.

You can also add any other information you want to highlight. Plus, the templates come with built-in borders and text elements to help you make your infographic more visually appealing.

You can start with a blank map template and create your template with the range of design elements and tools available in Canva.

Diamond Grids

This is a layout template that creates a repeating pattern of small points (the “diamonds’) and outlining lines, in the shape of a diamond. This look can be used to create diamond grid patterns in infographics.

When making use of diamond grids, you can please the eye of someone scrolling through your page by providing a pleasant variety of shapes and movements. Make sure to represent the points in the diamond grid properly and wisely.

Only use up to five colors- any more can be overwhelming. If you play your cards right, the diamond grid look can create a bold and powerfully pleasing look to your infographic.

Once you have mastered Canva and made use of a variety of templates, you may also want to take a look at other photo editor options.

Explore This Guide to the Best Canva Infographic Templates Today

Canva is a great resource for creating custom infographics quickly and easily. With a basic understanding of the templates available and the multitude of customization options, you can create beautiful infographics that are sure to capture attention and draw readers in.

Give it a go! Try Canva infographic templates today to bring your information to life.

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