16+ Atom Quad Core Vs Celeron Dual Core Comparison [Unfailing details]

Both Intel Atom Dual-Core and Celeron Dual-Core are budget processors which claim to offer similar offerings to the users. However, their comparison is crucial when you have to pick the right one for your computer. So, in this article, we are going to answer your question in regards to Atom Quad Core Vs Celeron Dual Core – Which is better.

Both of them are entry-level processors from Intel but from different series. Both of them are developed to handle small-scaled computation works. So, let’s start the comparison by just discussing some features of these processors first of all.

What is different about the Intel Atom Processor Series?

Intel Atom is one of the oldest processor series ever launched by Intel. But, we must also understand that no processor is introduced by the company after 2016 although it was quite popular in its active periods and got huge sales with various PC brands.

So, revealing with one of the best between intel Atom vs Celeron could be tough work. But, here you will get the answers to all your questions.

As compared to the Intel’s Core Series, the Atom series followed its ‘x’ prefix instead of ‘I’. But, we should mention here that Core series is much more advanced than the Atom as it is one of the latest series.

Because of certain limitations of Celeron and Pentium series, the Atom processor received huge recognition after its launch.

Extreme Guide: Intel Atom Processor Series

Atom Quad Core Vs. Celeron Dual Core

We are going to cover some of the popular atom processors which were built for consumer usages. Along with this, we will know which processor has which sort of configurations. But, first of all, let’s understand the normal processor designations here.

  • E stands for Embedded System
  • C determines between the server and mobile devices in which C3445 is for Mobile devices, and C3759 is for servers.
  • Z stands for mobile devices

Intel Atom x3 Processor Series [10+ processor ]

Below are some of the most powerful processors from Intel in its Atom series. Let’s know more about each and its specifications. It will surely help us to create a good overview of proper comparison between Atom Quad-Core vs Celeron Dual Core.

1. x3-C3130

This processor runs on the maximum frequency of 1 GHz. However, it has 2 Cores along with 2 Threads. Alongside, it comes with 512KB Cache memory.

2. x3-C3200RK

The processor has the maximum clock frequency of 1.10 GHz along with 4 Cores and 4 Threads. The total cache memory is 1MB.

3. x3-C3230RK

It is another excellent processor having a clock frequency of 1.10 GHz along with 4 Cores and 4 Threads. Total cache memory is 1MB.

4. x3-C3445

This one comes along with 1.20 GHz and 4 Cores. The total number of threads is four, and total cache memory 1MB.

Intel Atom x5 Processor Series

This series has different processors in its small range. However, we are going to cover the most powerful and popular processors of x5 series.

1. x5-Z8300

This processor has a clock frequency range between 1.44 – 1.82 GHz. Besides this, it has 4 Cores, 4 Threads and 2 MB Cache memory.

2. x5-Z8330

The x5-Z8330 comes with a variable clock frequency range between 1.44 – 1.92 GHz. Along with that, 4 Cores and 4 Threads are there with 2 MB Cache memory.

3. x5-Z8500

This is another amazing processor with 1.44 – 2.24 GHz of clocking frequency. However, the total number of cores is four and the same for threads. The total cache memory in this processor is 2MB.

4. x5-Z8550

This process comes with a clocking frequency between 1.44 to 2.4 GHz. The total number of cores and threads if 4. Also, the total cache memory is 2MB.

Intel Atom x7 Processor Series

Below are the most popular processors from the atom x7 series. The specification is given along.

1. x7-Z8700

This process has a clocking frequency of 1.60 – 2.40 GHz along with 4 Cores and 4 Threads. The total amount of cache memory is 2 MB.

2. x7-Z8750

This processor runs on a clocking frequency between 1.60 – 2.56 GHz with 4 Cores and 4 Threads. The total cache memory is 2 MB.

Summary of Atom Processors

Most of these processors are highly powerful and widely used in commercial systems. However, for a better comparison, we are going to reveal the same processors in the Celeron series. But, for the atom processors, we can say that they do well if we look at the configurations and price ranges.

Unfailing details about Intel Celeron series [3+ processor ]

Both Atom and Celeron series is full of the amazing processor which are beasts when it comes to the performance. However, we can also see lots of weak processors that work pathetically even for minimal usages.

So, as we did earlier, we are going to reveal some popular processors from the Celeron series and know their specifications. It will help us to make better comparisons between intel atom vs Celeron.

1. Intel Celeron N400

This processor is specially built to work with Notebooks. It is a dual-core processor with two threads along. The range of clocking frequency lies between 1.10 to 2.60 GHz. However, the cache memory is set impressively at 4 MB. The processor got a huge number of sales because of its efficient working in laptops and other small devices.

2. Intel Celeron J4005

It is another amazing processor which worked great in the Desktop section. The processor has a clocking frequency range between 2.00 to 2.70 GHz, which is quite impressive—however, the number of cores in only two and the same for threads. The total cache memory is 4 MB.

3. Intel Celeron G4900

It is another excellent processor that has huge capabilities to work excellently on desktop devices. The processor comes along with a clock frequency of 3.10 GHz. The total number of cores is two and the same for the threads. The total cache memory is 2MB.

Summary of Intel Celeron Processors

Because most of its processors require high power inputs, so these processors are successful in the desktops. However, they have lots of processors for the notebooks, but most of them are not highly impactful. In other words, the Celeron series is great in the desktop series but lacking in the laptop series.

There are lots of popular laptop processors such as N4100 but choosing any other processor is great these days as you have lots of various other options available in the market.

A brief comparison: Atom Quad Core Vs Celeron Dual Core

By choosing the most suitable and comparable processors from both the series, we are going to compare x5-Z8550 and x7-Z8750. Also, we will cover the Intel Celeron N4000 to make this much more clearer for you.

1. Intel Atom x5-Z8550

It is a quad-core processor with great configuration. However, it is not capable of working well for hardcore processing works.

Even for some small-end tasks like normal gaming, the processor may show its weaknesses to you. But, being a processor at a very low budget, i.e. 27$, you can except this processing from it.

2. Intel Atom x7-Z8750

It is another highly recommended processor from the Atom series, and it performs great as compared to the earlier one. But, the performance is a little bit good, and you can clearly see lots of performance lacks while using it one any system.

However, the company promises its great performance only on mobile devices. But, when we look at its price, i.e. 37$, you may have to compromise some things.

3. Intel Celeron N4000

In the advanced generation processors, it can be considered as one of the weakest forms various other of its competitors. The processor performs worst when utilized for industrial works. However, the gaming performance is a little bit better.

But, when we look at its price tag, i.e. 107$, you may not buy this in any way until you want to test it for some specific tasks. However, when we compare it with the two of the above processors, it is quite impressive in performance

Which is the best processor to choose?

From both of these series, after comparing, intel atom vs Celeron, we can say that none of the processors is best in their fields. So, when it comes to a good budget, you may have to compromise with the performance by choosing x5-Z8550 or x7-Z8750.

But, when you spend a good amount of budget to purchase an N4000, you will not get excellent performance as per its price tag.

But, if we look at the track records and lots of reviews on the internet, Intel Celeron N4000 performs better than most of its competitors. So, as per our suggestions, going to the Intel Celeron Dual-core will be a great choice for you.

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Final Verdict

We hope you will now be able to choose the right processor for you from both these both series. Make sure to share this article with others so that they can get the help. Use the comment section to share your feedback.