What are the best Frameless, Borderless and Bezel Less Monitor

With the advancement in technology, we are seeing various improvements in software and hardware as well. Bezel less monitor display screens are one of the main examples of the latest technological advancements. In the earlier times, we have seen very small computer screens with huge bezels. But, now, whether we talk about the monitors, laptops, or smartphones, bezels are getting smaller and smaller. So, if you want to know what is bezel less screens, we are here to answer all your questions.

It is very easy to get a great monitor from a named brand with very thin bezels these days. But, if you want to know more about this technology, we are going to discuss everything here.

The thinner a bezel is, the better your viewing experience would be. At least, this is a normal saying these days. So, we are having more and more screen to body ratio both in smartphones and computers. This is perhaps a good way to improve the quality of screens. But, this is what we are going to get today and in the future as well.

Bezel less monitor

We do not know how far this technology is going to go. But, we can say that the screens with small bezels look great. So, this article is all about highlighting the meaning of bezels and bezel-less screens. We will discuss what are the applications and importance of these screens and how you can buy the best one for yourself.

Whether you want to buy a monitor or laptop from companies like HP, Dell, or LG, everyone is in the competition to showcase their best visual qualities.

So, they are trying to keep the bezels as small as possible. We, as the customers try to purchase the display devices and screens with the smallest bezels. That’s why we always try to make our purchases smart and grab the best display for ourselves.

We know you have lots of questions about the bezels and bezel-less screens. That’s why we are here to help you with the same. So, let’s get started with the first question.

What is the border less screen and it’s a bezel-less type?

You can say any screen as a border-less screen if you have really small or no bezels. That means if your screen is covering most of the areas of its front section, you can say it is a bezel-less screen. Now, we all know that bezels are there but they are really small as compared to the technology we are using over years.

The basic idea here is the increase the size of our screens without increasing the overall frame’s size. A bezel-less screen will help you to have a good user experience as compared to a screen with wide bezels.

Now, the screens or monitors with huge bezels come with another advantage. Those devices will be much more strong and capable to handle shocks in a much effective way.

But, even after these pros, people are more attracted to the screen with smaller bezels. That’s all about this technology. The latest smart TVs and HDTVs are capable of providing you much more amazing experiences because of their huge screen sizes and small bezels.

What bezel means?

If we talk about the technical meaning of a bezel, it is basically a ring or frame holding any glass or plastic item in its place. Now, you can imagine a bezel as a frame which is keeping the screen attached to the main body of the TV.

Bezels are really important in any device that displays visuals. It is not easy to work with the glass frames or we can displays when it comes to the attachments. We can’t directly build a monitor by just stitching the screen on the body without any frame to support it. A bezel is always required for that purpose.

The latest technologies are coming up with various ideas where you just get a piece of glass as your screen. But, there are some limitations to that as well.

But, the bezel technology is fully tried and tested. You can easily find any monitor with a bezel that is attached with the help of screws or any method to its frame. The screen and all other important components will be there inside both bodies. We hope you are now aware of what is a bezel on a monitor.

Not only in a monitor, but you will also find bezels in laptops, tablets, and smartphones and they all are doing the same job.

Does borderless window affect refresh rate?

It is good to play games in fullscreen mode. But, you can also try another mode where you have a borderless window in which you play your desired games. But, if we look at the statistics, it is not noted that the game you play in a borderless window is going to impact the refresh rate in any way.

However, you get the ability to change your refresh rate as per the system specifications in a borderless window. Along with that, you can see some changes in the overall fps. The fps may increase when you play your games in a borderless window. All the changes may not be much visible but there are surely some differences.

The games you play in a borderless window can provide you some other advantages like switching between other tabs seamlessly.

Along with that, the borderless windows are made to allow you to handle some other tasks along with your gaming. So, these are some other benefits you can get along with this feature.

Is Borderless Monitor better than Fullscreen Display?

Well, this answer may not be similar for everyone. It all depends on your personal preferences. You can have better gameplay in a borderless screen if you are habitual of it. But, a fullscreen experience will be much better if you want to enhance your overall gaming response.

The fullscreen gaming will give you the ability to see the game contents in a proper manner. Also, a gaming experience is preferred when you want to play FPS games.

The response rate and everything will be good in the fullscreen mode. However, the borderless windows will come along with certain other benefits like multitasking, etc.

What’s the difference between fullscreen and fullscreen borderless?

Both these terms sound similar but there are certain differences for sure. The fullscreen as the name suggests is when you play your game on the whole screen. Nothing else will be there on the screen except your game visuals.

This will apply to any other software you open in fullscreen using the F11 key on your keyboard. Basically, your screen will be covered properly by the game and you will be able to see everything without any interference.

However, fullscreen borderless is something identical but a different situation at the same time.

The fullscreen borderless display is the same situation but it follows the desktop environment and specification while running your game or software mainly.

In other words, you will be in fullscreen mode but your game will be running within a bordered frame. The border will not be visible and that will be the main difference.

How do I remove the bezel from a monitor?

If you want to know how do I hide my bezel monitor, you must be aware of some basic hardware things in your monitor. Well, the first requirement is that you should know how to open your monitor and then remove the bezels. That’s the first requirement and you should definitely understand the structure of your monitor.

Most of the time, the screws are given at the back. You may have to remove the table stand in order to find them. After that, you will have to open the back panel carefully but once you did that, you have done half of the job.

Try checking if the bezel is connected with the help of glue. Properly remove the glue and the bezel should come out automatically. After that, you can try to attach a thin bezel or simply black tape to make it look better.

Removing bezel from your monitor by yourself is never recommended but if you want, you can see various YouTube tutorials.

You can just type how to remove the bezel from my monitor and you will find numerous results giving details about various monitors and brands.

Which monitor has the thinnest bezel?

If you try to find it, you can get numerous monitors with very small and even no bezels. But, it will not be easy to pick any monitor with the thinnest bezels. However, if you try to find it, you can see various monitors with minimal bezel sizes.

Most of the monitor brands are offering this kind of monitor at pretty effective prices. Dell S2417DG and ASUS Designo MX27UC are some of the popular names in this category. These monitors come with a very high screen-to-body ratio and that is the reason why you can use them for various applications such as gaming, video editing, etc.

These are not the only names in the market. It is pretty easy to find various other types of monitors and get great results in terms of visuals, colors, brightness, etc.

List of Some Best 1080P Bezel Less Computer Monitors Display Screens(144hz Mostly)

As we discussed earlier, bezel-less monitors are very popular, and the main reason is their ability to provide a great user experience. So, if you also want to know about the best bezel-less monitors, here are some of the best products you can choose from.


The Dell P Series 24-inch is one of the best-looking monitors you can even buy online or offline. The monitor comes with a Full HD (1080p) LED screen. The laptop offers a 16:9 aspect ratio along with a 1000:1 contrast. When it comes to connectivity, you can connect this monitor to other devices using HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort.

Along with this, it offers a wide viewing angle to help you see your visuals in the way you want. The IPS technology inbuilt inside this monitor gives you an amazing viewing experience. Along with that, it has a viewing angle of 8ms and 5ms.

Image credit: Amazon

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2. LG 24MP88HV

This is another 24 MP which comes with an elegant design and great overall features. You can call this monitor a borderless monitor because the bezel is very small. The monitor is capable of showing Full HD visuals with its IPS screen.

You can easily connect it to your system using VGA, HDM ports. Along with that, it comes with 1 headphone jack and two speakers which is another great advantage. You can pick your desired size i.e. 24 inch or 27 inch.

The aspect ratio is 16:9 and the maximum refresh rate is 60 Hz. The viewing angle is great. Also, it comes with flicker-free technology for other benefits.

Image credit: Amazon

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3. BENQ 27 Inch

This is another feature-packed monitor with highly impressive offerings when it comes to the screen and display quality. It has a full HD screen and an IPS panel offering impressive visuals to the users. Along with that, the monitor has a 16:9 aspect ratio and 250 cd/m brightness.

You can connect this monitor to the system using VGA, HDMI, or DisplayPort ports. The response time of this monitor is just 5 ms with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The viewing angles are just awesome.

Also, the flicker-free technology makes it a good deal for your eye protection. Blue light technology is another great feature for the users.

BENQ 27 Inch
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4. Samsung Space 24-Inch SH850

This monitor is specifically made to offer the highest screen to body ratio. The monitor has a 3 sided bezel-less screen which has a size of 24 inches. The monitor supports video playback up to 4K. The response rate is just 4 ms backed with a 60 Hz refresh rate.

The input connections supported are HDMI and Mini DP. You can either buy a 24 or 31.5-inch version of this is monitor on Amazon. The Clamp-style stand makes this monitor much more effective for daily use.

Samsung Space 24-Inch SH850
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5. ViewSonic VG2455 24 Inch

This one comes with an excellent 24-inch screen with an impressive IPS panel. The maximum display resolution supported is 2560×1440 pixels. If we talk about the ports, it has HDMI, DisplayPort, and Mini DisplayPort inputs.

The flicker-free and blue light technology make this monitor much more effective. The refresh rate is 60 Hz and the response rate is 4 ms. You can either pick the 24-inch or 27-inch version as per your requirements.

This monitor can be a good fit if you really want a great viewing experience on a bezel-less screen.

ViewSonic VG2455 24 Inch
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Final Verdict

We hope you now have all the required knowledge related to the bezel less monitor display. But, before picking any of these products or using any of the information given here, make sure to research a little bit more.

We have tried to give you as accurate information as we can but you can still find some other great products in the market. You can visit any online shopping store and pick the best one for you. The prices of monitors are low and you can pick the best one for you without any issue.

If you have liked this article, make sure to share this article with others as well. You can use social media for that. Along with that, give us feedback and suggestions if you want. We would try t