Prince2 VS. PMP. Which Is the Right Choice for You?

For the past few years, project management has always been one of the most discussed topics and career options in demand. This new change is expected to continue in the future, and the need for efficient and experienced project managers will increase.

According to the research conducted by PMI, the employer will need around 87.7 million project management work in 2027. If you are a project manager who exists or aspires for the future, getting the appropriate project management certification will be necessary for Your career in the future to be seen.


Prince2 certification is a short form that describes the tasks assigned in the regulated environment. The UK’s computer & telecommunications body set it for information technology (or IT) projects in 1989. Then, Prince2 was launched in 1996 as a procedure with orders from around 150 set-ups in Europe.


At present, Prince2 certification is owned by Axelos, England. Prince2 collaborates with several worlds known to be widely known and practiced the IT framework, including the famous Itil. It makes it more useful in the environment driven by Techno, where the technology wins into the new progress of IT organizations. According to the report presented by Axelos in 2016, around 90% of Prince2 practitioners used certification for their career hikes.

Prince2 qualifications:

  • As a general network management project aiming, it is essential and can be used only for any project.
  • Have a plan placed and a common approach to project management.
  • Speak about the various roles and responsibilities of each group member assigned to handle the project.
  • Groups the master task plan into the project plan, the divided plan, and the team plan, eliminating ambiguity and making it convenient to carry out the project.
  • This is a project and a focused method.

The advantage of producing prince2 certification:

  • Well explains the technique: a lot of time and resources are used during certain project conclusions because certification follows a straightforward method.
  • Generalization: Confusion in implementing the project is removed because of the same thing; a common approach is used throughout, with the appropriate server system, methods, and files.
  • Scripting salary and guarantee of higher candidate recruitment: There are higher opportunities to have a better job than paying handsome wages in England. Your employer is equipped with the proper justification to identify your talents to give you a salary increase.


PMP certification is a well-known certification among project management experts, monitored by PMI (or can be expanded as the Institute of Project Management), the US. PMI has a head office in Philadelphia, USA, and was founded in 1969, making it the world’s leading non-profitable membership association for the professional project management sector.

Project management

PMP is an abbreviation used for Project Management Professional. The PMP certificate is the best known and famous in the US and Australia. However, it is well worth around the world in the project management domain. The PMP certification test ladder is mainly based on PMBOK.

PMBOK Guide is also known as the Bible for all aspiring project managers and is a short form for project knowledge project management. The latest 6 edition of the PMBOK Guide was published in September 2017.

PMP qualifications:

  • It gives an indication of your efficiency in utilizing the PMBOK guidelines.
  • Identify your ideas about all the best methods received in general and project management guidelines.

The advantage of having PMP certification:

  •  Greater salary guarantee

Certified PMP experts get more significant salary increases than their non-certified colleagues.

  •  Network opportunities and varieties

To get PMP certification, it is recommended that you become a member of the PMI. After you become a member, you have control over a broad professional channel with a similar degree. This association can be proven to help in helping you take advantage of project management work.

  • The higher choice for work

As the most famous project management certification globally, PMP certification is identified and trusted by all entrepreneurs worldwide. This is a difference based on the fundamental matrix between PMP and Prince2. After having to choose wisely, according to their needs so that the future and career benefit.

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