Best WordPress Project Management Plugins Where You Can Keep in Check Your Team, Tasks, Projects and More

A project is a time-limited activity whose goal is a unique product, service, or result. Projects are undertaken at all levels of the organization and may involve one person up to thousands of people in several different teams.

Project management is a relatively new science, created in the middle of the last century when there was a need for a methodology for documenting all processes in the project and managing essential resources like people, materials, equipment, money, and time. Moreover, project management has a responsibility to meet the basic requirements of the project task.

Team of developers

In addition, the role of the project manager has changed over the years as this new science has become more mature. They are expected to know much more today from engineers and specialized experts in a particular discipline, who was initially almost exclusively a project manager’s nursery.

Also, project managers understand business processes (even to the level of analysts), people leadership skills, people relationships, network management skills, personal time management, presentation skills, sound assessment, and risk management.

Today, project managers in charge of project management on WordPress use various tools to make their job easier. Among them, the following five plugins are the most used:

1. WP-Client


WP-Client is sold as an all-in-one plugin for your WordPress site. But what does that mean? The WP-Client add-on is a consumer monitor with the tools to send invoices, share information, send messages, and record conversations with those customers. So, it is a stable plugin that could help you when you have an expanded list of consumers and necessary parts like invoicing and file sharing.

WP-Client has several features, but the most famous is its Project Management feature. It does precisely what you would like by allowing you to coordinate tasks with groups and involve customers. It is an ideal plugin for consumer administration.

Once you add a project management extension, it becomes a robust consumer supervisor. The essential WP-Client plugin contains options for privacy, security, file sharing, consumer administration, non-public messaging, invoicing, and more. Furthermore, the project management extension provides a fantastic interface for creating and assigning tasks to the right individuals.

2. Panorama – WordPress Project Management Plugin

Panorama - WordPress Project Management Plugin

Panorama – WordPress Project Management Plugin is a simple and free plugin that brings together your WordPress dashboard’s project and task management tools. If you spend most of your time on WordPress, it is much brighter and better to look for a suitable plugin rather than using a separate device to integrate with WordPress.

Panorama is just one such plugin that will allow you not to open additional programs for project management. At Panorama, you can log your time, edit and add projects, delegate tasks to team members, and even share your dashboard with clients to keep track of the project.

The Panorama plugin provides scalability with free and premium plugins. One of its most significant advantages is data visualization, which will surely delight you. It is also possible to divide the tasks into more minor phases, where each of these phases will have its new set of discussions and duties. Some contain add-ons like Frontend Uploader, Frontend Editor, Easy Digital Downloads, Gantt Charts, and New User Projects.

3. Kanban for WordPress


Kanban is a simple but powerful tool that helps you and your colleagues be more efficient and calmer by focusing on each job individually, finishing the job according to the set plan, shortening the working time, and communicating with colleagues faster and more clearly.

In addition, Kanban helps you optimize the functional methods and tools you and your colleagues already use, whether Lean & Agile development methods or Waterfall methods. And best of all, you can start using Kanban today and make significant changes by taking many small steps.

Kanban can be described as a methodology for monitoring and managing various work processes, with clear visual signals, following four basic principles:

  • Limit the number of current work tasks!
  • Communicate visually with the help of flags, signs, or post-it stickers!
  • Identify and remove bottlenecks!
  • Measure and develop!

An important Kanban principle is that the workflow is not created by pushing with the number of tasks but by creating demand. In other words, Pull instead of Push. Speed is controlled by limiting WIP (Work in progress) with each step.

Only when one phase has space for more work can you transfer the data from the previous step. Use Kanban for WordPress to manage your projects, track sales, add an editorial calendar, and more!

4. WP Project Manager – Project, Task Management & Team Collaboration Software

WP Project Manager - Project, Task Management & Team Collaboration Software

Working with a team on WordPress becomes a mess if you communicate via email, so consider using an add-on like this to manage your calendar, create milestones, and even publish files that your team can see. Privacy protection is a big concern when launching a website, so this one also takes care of your protection.

WP Project Manager – Project, Task Management & Team Collaboration Software comes with some outstanding features that turn your project management experience of your teammates a joyful ride. Raise your productivity by creating, organizing, and assigning tasks within a few clicks.

Moreover, the plugin has a user-friendly interface and a web-based task management feature. The installation lets you find many great features like to-do lists, creating milestones, sending messages with attachments to co-workers, sharing files, etc.

5. Monday


Simplify teamwork with Monday, a cloud-based project management solution. This visually intuitive tool is great for collaborating, tracking, and planning data. It provides services to SMEs in a variety of industries.

With this software, users can manage various projects and ensure knowledge sharing among team members. Monday does a fantastic job managing complex and detailed projects and provides an undivided focus on the essential information.

In addition, Monday has a collaborative environment that allows users to create a knowledge base, share files, communicate, create images, and more. For example, your users can easily upload and attach files, leave comments, tag and mention teammates, and more.

This tool also has an excellent report creation table that can collect data from various sources, allowing you to create a more comprehensive and detailed document. On the other hand, this system does not offer solutions in creating invoices and bills, but it does a great job of keeping track of project and invoice time.

Finally, Monday integrates well with various third-party applications such as Google Drive, G-mail, Slack, Dropbox, WordPress (WooCommerce), and many other platforms.


While running a successful business is possible without these tools, they can accommodate data collection and tracking progress. Each of us wants to get the best results with as little money as possible, but these five project management plugins are not without reason on our list of the best tools.

They are solutions that will improve the processes in your company and improve your, and your team’s work will reduce costs, increase profits and give you a break. When you have a lot of data and many projects, it is crucial to be up to date with everything. Therefore, any serious business should consider and research these tools and choose the one that best meets the company’s needs.