How do I use Best PROSet Wireless Software on Windows 10?

PROset Wireless Software is an installation software package having essential drivers and APIs which the manufacturers can use to create software utilizing WiFi adapters. Along with this, the Intel PROSet software is crucial to let your WiFi and other wireless devices work properly. Being a software related to Intel’s wireless connections, most of the computers come along with this software pre-installed. It is not required to install this software if your computer has an existing wireless driver running inside it.

PROSet is widely used by the IT administrations to handle numerous operations related to the wireless connection between computers to computers or computers to servers.

However, in order to get the most out of this software, it is required to have an OEM specific software from the official driver stores. Known as the best PROSet wireless software, this tool is officially available on the Intel website.

Best PROSet Wireless Software on Windows 10

PROset Wireless software


Lots of other features come along with this tool when it comes to its administrative and network uses. So, below are some main questions which are asked related to this software. However, we hope we have answered the first question, “What is Intel PROSet/Wireless Software.”

How to install the PROSet/Wireless connection utility?

Just like other ordinary software installations, this software can also be installed on our computers without hassles. From the official Intel website you can get its installation file and get it installed on your computer right away.

However, when it comes to the custom install, you will have to install Administration tools, WMI Support, Intel Wireless Troubleshooter, and Single Sign on first of all. The steps to do an ordinary install are as follows.

  1. Get the installation file from the official website or insert the CD/DVD if you have one with you.
  2. Once you double click on the installation file, it will ask for the permission, click on Next.
  3. Read the license terms and accept the conditions.
  4. Now, further, select the Typical option between “Typical” or “Custom” install.
  5. Once the installation is finished, you will be asked to reboot your computer, do it and you are done.

The software comes along with numerous advantages if we look at its uses on earlier windows versions. The tool was widely applied to Windows XP. But, Intel also has support and download options still available for this tool.

With this one, you are going to experience amazing things. But, it is not worth it in today’s growing environments. So, below, we are going to know some major applications of this tool and also the process of getting rid of this software. So, let’s begin first with the utilization of this tool as a connection utility.

How to start PROSet/Wireless Connection Utility?

Once the software is installed on your computer, you are ready to utilize it for any purpose you want. Most commonly, it is used by the users as a wireless connection utility or a wireless manager. Here, we are going to know how you can use it as your wireless connection utility.

Go to the Program menu of your computer and then Intel Proset Wireless >>WiFi Connection Utility.

Right-click on the WiFi Taskbar icon in the right lower corner and select Configure WiFi.

Now, your program will be opened by showing you the available connection along with their properties. This was the complete procedure to launch this tool and using it as your connection utility. Below are some other advanced features of this tool that you are going to know.

Is PROSet/Wireless Software important for setting up hosted networks?

In most of the old Windows operating systems before Windows 7, this tool was required in order to get our wireless connections working in good conditions. Sometime, we would have to use these tools in order to manage all our wireless connections.

But, these days, with advanced systems, we can perfectly manage all our wireless connection with our ordinary WiFi Drivers. Also, the computers are now coming with their own tools to set up the hosted networks.

Along, you can use various third-party tools to manage your hosted networks in any windows operating system. You can read on the official website of Microsoft whether they have suggested that as long as you have the correct driver, you do not require the PROSet/Wireless software in your computer.

How to reinstall or uninstall PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software?

As we discussed earlier, all the computers have their own pre-installed wireless driver on their computers. So, it is not crucial to have this software all the time on your systems.

This might be the reason why people keep searching for a way to uninstall this software. So, after knowing all the uses and features of this software, if you do not need it on your computer, you can follow the below-given process to simply uninstall the software from your computer.

The same process will also be applied for the reinstallation processes.

  1. Go the Control Panel Menu and click on the option Add or Remove Programs.
  2. Right-click on Intel PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software.
  3. Now, choose the Change or Remove option as per your choice.
  4. The next window will say, “Welcome to the InstallShield wizard for PROSet.”
  5. Now, click on Remove and then select the Next option.
  6. After taking some time, the software will be removed from your computer.
  7. It will also ask you to save, convert, or delete the user settings. Choose the appropriate option for you.

How to use Intel PROSet as your Wireless Manager?

You can also use this software as your computer’s wireless manager with added features. Once you install it on your computer, you can simply start it from the program menu without hassles.

However, if your computer, especially Windows XP, is having Wireless Zero Configuration installed on it, you will have to uninstall it first of all. To do it, the process is given below.

  1. Go to the control panel menu on your computer.
  2. Open Network connection menu by double-clicking on it
  3. Right-click on Wireless network connection
  4. Now, click on the Properties Option.
  5. Now, select the WiFi networks option.
  6. Make sure that this option is unchecked “Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings.”
  7. Now, click on OK to save the settings.

Once you did that, you have eventually disregarded the Windows to configure, edit, or change your wireless network settings. Now, you can start using your PROSet software to handle any sort of connection by using the process given below to use it for any purpose.

There are several other uses of this software when it comes to business works. IT engineers and network managers can utilize the software to well-organized their WiFi connections using one software.

But, in order to use it for those purposes, good technical knowledge is crucial. Also, the custom installation may require much more time and effort to get everything done in a perfect manner.

What are the features of PROSet/Wireless Connection Utility?

Intel PROSet/Wireless connection utility software comes along with numerous features for the IT admins. Although the uses are now decreased a lot, there was a time when this best wireless software was used widely to manage multiple wireless connections effectively using our computer systems.

Moreover, the tool is still perfect to use in any computer system with amazing features. Some of the features of this software utility are as follows.

  1. Analyze connection details including Network names, connection speed, and signal strength
  2. Manage connection profiles and create new ones
  3. Scan for new and available WiFi networks
  4. Auto-connect to the saved network profiles
  5. Configure and change wireless adapter settings
  6. Troubleshoot wireless connections

The tool comes along with its amazing profile management features by which using it for multiple connections becomes pretty easy. To check the connection details, you can simply click on details and view access points and network adapter information.

Also, the connection detail menu comes along with various other features. We hope these features will allow you to understand properly, “What is Intel PROSet Wireless Software?

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Final Words

These were some important things about the Intel PROSet software. We hope you have now got the answer to your question, “What is Intel PROSet Software?”. The processes were completely thorough, but you are advised to perform these steps properly under guidance.

Make changes to the settings only if you know what you are going to do. Also, having a backup of your files is important while doing any hard change to the settings.

We hope you will find this article helpful to know about this topic. We have covered most of the related questions to the topic. However, if you want to know more about anything, you are free to use the comment sections.

Also, make sure to share this article on your social media pages so that your friends can get this help. Stay tuned to get more informative articles like this on a regular basis.