Five Social Media Mistakes in 3D Animation

We understand 3D animation is a challenging task, although quite a manageable one. Mistakes concerning 3D animation can make both professional experts and beginners. If you are a beginner and want to master the 3D animation market and get high expertise, try to profit from other people’s mistakes.

To create great 3D animation, you must be ready to cope with difficulties and even failures. If you are not such a devoted animation lover, you have better opt for applying to a Kevurugames – 3d animation studio. It is the best way to get a high-quality 3D animation product without wasting your time and effort.

However, if you are serious about creating such products by yourself, stay with us! Thanks to this article, you will know the aspects of work you must be very attentive to. When you are informed, you are armed.

1. Syllabus Following

Plan on paper

Make sure you understand what is required from you! Sometimes people can opt for the wrong format, style, or purpose of the product. It may seem like strange advice, but our experience has shown that such occasions are widespread. As you can guess, it influences the reputation of the company and the established deadlines.

Moreover, it is a good idea to make notes while discussing the project. Even if you assume that you have understood everything, some unpredictable life situations can cut the ground from under your feet. Your notes can ensure your background support and patience.

2. Being Oblivious to AMP

Unfortunately, the statistics show that 50% of students do not use AMP. The vast majority of experts specify that such demonstrations are entirely beneficial. However, it is of crucial importance to do it since it enables your mentor to analyze and see the results of your work.

Why? Because they provide students with the opportunity to watch professional animators settle the problematic issues in a live demo. Remember to set up AMP before you get down to business. It matters!

3. Manage Your Time Efficiently

Little clock

Some people tend to underestimate the difficulty of the project and overestimate their strength and expertise. The best thing you can do is not set unrealistic deadlines and not force the animation development process onto the back burner. Create a comfortable working space around you to optimize your potential and working power.

It will be a great idea to sit and analyze one day how much time you spend on this or other types of work and write it down. If you are offered a project but doubt whether you will cope with it in time, it would be better to refuse. If not, you stand a risk of losing your reputation.

4. Feedback Does Matter

Some animators prefer to do everything independently without asking for opinions and any help from third parties. Well, this strategy is not a good one! 3D animations, as one of the most powerful marketing tools, must keep abreast of the times.

Unfortunately, people can’t cover all the spheres of life and track all modern trends in full. Consequently, your style, strategy, and way of work should evolve and improve all the time. Due to this, it is a great idea to ask other experts you trust for their feedback.

Creating something like a community can turn out to be entirely beneficial and inspiring. Mutual understanding and support are pivotal for all of us and in all spheres of our life.

5. Be Ready to Face Criticism


Regarding the previous advice, it should be emphasized that when asking for feedback, you must be ready to face the truth and criticism. 3D animation is about inspiration, dedication, and creativity. Not about the anger, offense or frustration!

If you are not mature enough to handle all these issues, visit and let other people help you! If you understand that growth can be possible only if you make mistakes and learn from them, you will develop your skills and reach your full potential.