Why You Should Outsource Animation?

Nowadays, you will not surprise anyone with the combination of “IT outsourcing.” This is a concept that everyone knows about. But few people understand its essence. So, let’s talk about why IT outsourcing is gaining popularity. Why, when, and who needs it. And why outsource animation services by Whimsy is a great choice.


Modern society is more and more tied to:

  • Computers the size of a pack of cigarettes, monoblocks, access control systems that read who is in front of them on the retina, and smart cameras.
  • Programs that help keep records. They allow you to visualize projects under development from sofas to real estate complexes, monitor employees, and can even maintain a conversation with a potential client while your manager is busy with another.
  • It’s sold and purchased, more and more people realize that the secret of a successful business is the information that functions in it: customer bases, supplier, call processing scripts, staff work regulations, and so on.

These three cornerstones sooner or later lead the owner to the fact that all this must not only be kept under control, but also managed, and optimized to be on par with competitors. And most importantly, with the requests of modern customers who want to get an answer faster.

Why IT Outsourcing Is Needed

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Outsourcing is necessary to: concentrate the efforts of employees on solving their core tasks. There are organizations where all problems are related to computers. There are also programs, and other things solved by the employees themselves.

As much as the owner wants to save money, this negatively affects the business. Employees do not fulfill their direct duties or perform them with a delay because they are busy installing the program, disassembling the printer, and swearing with the Internet provider.

All this leads to lost profits:

  • If the manager sells well, let him sell rather than refuel the cartridge.
  • Employees may not know how to fix the problem, so they are forced to call third-party specialists who charge a reasonably decent fee for a one-time trip.
  • The average employee is not an IT specialist. He can configure it so that your confidential data will go to the public or update 1C so that the program will no longer start. You cannot trust employees 100% because you understand that they are not specialists.

The solution to some of the problems lies on your shoulders. It’s eating up the time that you could spend on business development and equipment and programs worked for you. If we consider a company without a system administrator, the owner may not even know approximately about the latest industry innovations that can speed up business processes.

The owner also may not imagine that a 5-minute document opening is not standard, and also, that by optimizing all the nuances, he will receive an increase in profit of 20 percent or more. So, to reduce the costs of the organization – in comparison with specialists in the state, IT outsourcing for 2d game art design is beneficial:

  • The price of the service is usually much lower, and the quality of the service is higher.
  • Reduce the number of staff on the staff – the more team, the more difficult it is to manage it.

In addition to direct financial costs, there are factors such as providing a job, maintaining a typical team climate, etc. There are cases when the refusal of their administrator reduced the rent, and the managers were happy about the person’s departure since they could not find a common language with him.

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These are the main nuances of IT outsourcing, but everyone comes to this in different ways. For example, we often hear:

  • Not to worry about the safety of data.
  • There is no desire to deal with all providers, bank clients, and other technical nonsense.
  • Not ready to advise employees on how to work with the program.
  • Tired of one-time administrators who take exorbitant prices and then still break down.
  • Need for systematically arranging the business so that everything works like a clock: computers, phones, programs, printers, etc.

As you can see, a competent IT company should support you at every stage of business development. This does not mean that there are some tasks that the incoming system administrator did not do, and when you entered the growth phase, he suddenly began to do it. It’s a gradual process: debugging one frees up time to shift focus to the other, and so on. Like no one else, a good outsourcer is interested in your business to exist happily ever after.