How to Find Someone’s Email on LinkedIn (Eight+ Ways Compared)

To make a living as a salesperson, freelancer, or side hustler, you need to generate leads on LinkedIn as quickly as possible. Manually extracting emails and other contact details from internet sites can take a long time. I’m a sucker for anything doing the work for me and frees up time for the side business.

Email concentrators have proven to be one of the most valuable pieces of software for marketing companies and freelancers; it assists businesses in extracting emails and contacts from web pages without the need for coding or extra effort.

When starting an online company, Email Scrapers are often the first primary concern of any business person or marketer because they provide information about customers and assist you in improving your business effectively. There are three types of email finders: Chrome attachments, online software, which requires registration, and reverse email lookups (like this one at

Continue reading to learn how to find email addresses from LinkedIn.

These Are the Eight Best Ways to Get Someone’s Email From LinkedIn

  1. Utilize a Chrome Extension
  2. Get the Email From Their Linkedin Profile
  3. Use a Dripify LinkedIn Scraper Tool
  4. Ask For Their Email Via Private Message
  5. Extract All Emails From First-Degree Connections
  6. Use the LinkedIn Sales Navigation system to look it up
  7. Navigate to the profiles and tap on the Contact information
  8. Make use of a LinkedIn email finder.

Let’s see how to find email addresses on LinkedIn!

1. Use a Chrome Extension

Chrome icon

One of the simplest methods to get someone’s email address on LinkedIn is to utilize a Google Chrome plugin. Google Chrome extensions are programs that you may install on your browser.

They’re mostly part of an email-finding tool package, which is why a Google account is still required. Some tools, on the other hand, are Google Chrome extensions.

2. Get the Email From Their Linkedin Profile

Sending a request message to a person’s profile page is the simplest way to find their email account. Although they don’t understand you, it’s pretty standard for people to acknowledge your request.

Once they’ve bought and become a first-degree correlation, you can look through their account for the email address. You can also do a LinkedIn search by email.

4. Use a Dripify LinkedIn Email Scraper


An email lookup credit is a currency you’ll need to use when using the Dripify LinkedIn automation tool for finding and confirming a prospect’s email address. Every Dripify plan includes 500 email service finder credits that you can use for 30 days to get emails from LinkedIn.

If you select the free trial, you will be able to keep any unutilized credits for an extra 23 days. However, unused credits will not be carried over to next month. But don’t be concerned. You’ll receive a new bundle of email finder credits every month you’re given access to use whenever you want within 30 days.

At the right-hand side dropdown menu, visitors can always see the percentage of email finder credit facilities used. The emails were found, as well as the reset date.

Dripify Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
It is simple to manage campaign groups with Dripify. It does not yet have a smartphone-compatible app.
Its interface is cordial and available. Its mailbox lacks filters.
You can manage software seamless integration without requiring technical skills. It does not allow you to save a specially made sequence as a framework to reuse it afterward.
Dripify allows you to export and import data easily.  

5. Ask For Their Email Via Private Message

If you don’t know how to find emails on LinkedIn, here’s your answer! You can start sending a personal message to a person’s LinkedIn profile. Even though getting their email account is unlikely, you might get it, particularly with the appropriate message.

To reward the message, show interest in people. Please take a look at their LinkedIn likes as well as groups. Be structured, use their identity, and close the message as an email.

Even if you place together the right message possible, you’re still prone to failure. Individuals are less likely to give a comprehensive stranger their email account.

7. Extract All Emails From First-Degree Connections

One method for obtaining emails from LinkedIn is to utilize the site’s “Export Connections” tool. It enables you to extract email addresses from LinkedIn.

The disadvantage of this technique is that it requires more time and effort than utilizing a LinkedIn email-finding tool. You’re also restricted to email contacts from your first-degree LinkedIn relationships.

It’s also worth noting that LinkedIn users may choose whether or not to make their email addresses public. It implies you’re unlikely to get the contact information for all of your first-degree relationships.

8. Use the Linkedin Sales Navigation System to Look It Up

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives you access to additional data about LinkedIn profiles you are not connected with. It will show you the identity of the business staff, which, together with their title, is all you require to receive emails from LinkedIn. You can typically find their email address using those two pieces of information.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator primarily serves as a lead generation tool, allowing you to conduct targeted LinkedIn searches. It will not directly provide you with email addresses, but it will serve as a great refer provider, locating hot prospects.

The first step in locating someone’s email address is to conduct a LinkedIn Sales Navigator search. While using the right keywords can ensure that you are targeting the right people.

The lookup result gives you their full name and the company’s title for which they work. There are several options available to you now that you have this information. You could use the Google strategy described below, and you can use a LinkedIn ejector tool such as Wiza.

You must try this approach if you have direct exposure to LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It will provide you with many high-quality leads, which, once identified, will significantly boost your outbound campaign.

9. Navigate to the Profiles and Tap on Contact Information

You’ll find their email account if they’ve selected to display it. It isn’t insidious in either way because they’ve made it public. And besides, the primary purpose of LinkedIn’s console is to connect experts. Some people also include their emails in their profile bios or banner images. Could you take a look at them as well?

While this is the more common way to obtain someone’s LinkedIn email address, it has some disadvantages. Not everybody in the platform includes their email address in their profile, for starters. Second, searching each individual’s page consumes unnecessary effort and time.

10. Make Use of a LinkedIn Email Finder

Man using magnifying glass

A LinkedIn email lookup tool is another excellent way to locate someone’s emails on LinkedIn. These are web apps explicitly designed to detect and localize email messages from the LinkedIn media network.

What exactly are email finders?

Email finders are fantastic online tools that allow you to locate anyone’s email address everywhere on the Internet. There are two types of email finders: Chrome attachments and online software, which requires registration.

They operate on a fairly straightforward principle. Every email finder includes data storage. You enter the necessary information (typically a name or phone number), and the software needs to send a ping to their dataset. Some are larger than others, making them superior and more valuable.

Following that, data with the objective is produced and sent to the appropriate websites. Once a request, or ping, is received, it retrieves any necessary information. That’s all! If you enter all of the inclusion, you will obtain a new email address with any luck.

There are numerous email finders available. Some are more effective than others. Because we’re talking about LinkedIn email extraction, we’ll concentrate on email finders that work best with just that website.

On LinkedIn, how do I look up the email address by name?

 You could indeed look at a user’s profile page to find email accounts from LinkedIn premised on their name. Examine their contact information, bio, or banner. It only tends to work if you have a first-degree relationship with them.

You can also export all of your first connections’ email messages from LinkedIn in one go. You must go to your Information privacy settings to produce an output that will get sent to you.

You can manually process an email on LinkedIn while also searching Google both for an individual’s name as well as the company for which they work.

Is obtaining email addresses from LinkedIn legal?

Yes, obtaining email addresses from LinkedIn is legal. Email accounts can only get acquired if a LinkedIn user publishes this information. Their email account may be visible only to first-degree links, first and 2nd connections, or anyone else on LinkedIn.

Email finders merely scrape general populace email addresses from the email visibility settings of LinkedIn users.

LinkedIn attempted to sue HiQ Labs, an HR data science venture, for scraping LinkedIn user information. They did lose because it was determined that no laws got broken. After all, user data was publicly available.