MacBook vs PC: Which One Should You Choose

The age-old question—Lamborghini or Ferrari? Coke or Pepsi? Papa John’s or Uno’s? The ancient camps have created enough friction among enthusiasts of the said niche.

When it comes to the world of tech—you know the pertinent question—Mac or PC?

Understanding Your Use-Case


Doing your own research is important to make the right choice between a Mac and a PC. While there is lots of unsolicited advice online, most of it is pretty biased. We aren’t picking one over the other objectively (for the most part). But in order to solidify our stance, we will mention the good and bad bits of both PC and Mac.

Before we start making the differences, we urge you to understand your use case better. In other words, ask yourself a few prominent questions. For instance, what kind of work are you into? What kind of battery usage are you seeking? Do you have peripherals of the same brand? After you have sorted this out—here are some major differences.

Mac vs PC—Is there an Objectively Right Choice?

Honestly—there isn’t. Much like the other comparisons we brought forth, there isn’t a right choice here. However, depending on your use case, there are choices that can add or subtract from the “compelling” factor. Here is how.

Macs Are a Lot More Expensive


We don’t mean that PCs are cheap. The right kind of product will surely make a big hole in your pocket. What we mean is—for a price-to-price comparison, Macs are a lot more expensive.

Think about it—the base variant of the MacBook Air will set you back a good thousand quid or so. The case isn’t so with PCs. You can get good PCs for a lot cheaper. So, if the price is a big setback for you, don’t consider MacBooks to begin with.

The reason is simple. Your purchase would not just be the laptop itself. Peripherals, accessories, protective equipment—the costs keep piling up. We also recommend getting insurance for your laptop. Be sure to consider all these external costs before questioning your item of purchase. But generally speaking, laptop insurance comes with an enormous set of benefits that usually come in handy in the long run.

PCs Come in a Wider Spectrum

System update installation

Speaking of getting good PCs at cheaper offers, the other thing to consider is choice. If you are a very picky person, you better look into the world of Windows. With MacBooks, your options with regards to hardware will be limited to whatever Apple is selling at that very instant.

When it comes to Windows, laptops come in a wider spectrum. Want an IPS panel instead of a TFT? You got it. Want a touchscreen on your laptop? Right here, Chief. Want a chiclet-style keyboard instead of a butterfly one? You bet. Want the same laptop but in a bigger form factor? No problem. The choices Windows laptop manufacturers offer are outstanding.

PCs Are a Lot More Liberating

We don’t intend to preach to you in some Eren Jaeger fashion, but the freedom that Windows laptops offer is outstanding. Be it slot expansions and greater modularity, or spoiling you with an umpteen number of email apps—the PC camp is really liberating.

Moreover, side-loading in PCs is not only allowed but recommended. Sure—Microsoft is trying to make their app store more relevant, but users still have the liberty to download and install apps from native websites of relevant domains. It is pretty handy since you are in direct touch with the provider.

What’s even better, you can technically run MacOS on Windows. Alright, alright—we don’t recommend taking the “Hackintosh” route, but the point is—you can if you want to.

Macs are Outright More Powerful and Efficient


Before you come at us, hear us out. MacBooks are pretty darn powerful—for the wattage and form factor. The kind of power it provides in that small form factor is honestly genius on Apple’s part.

Credit where it’s due—the shift to ARM-based architecture instead of x86 has been a boon for Apple. Not just that, but the battery life on the newer MacBooks is phenomenal. We can’t rave about it enough. If you are seeking abysmally high endurance, MacBooks are the way to go.

Macs have Greater Support

Where Windows takes the cake with customizability and choice, there is no doubt that MacBooks are still the most stable laptops out there. Getting direct updates from Apple, your MacBook won’t face any hiccups or crashes, rest assured.

Moreover, MacBooks have been supported by the company for over 6-7 years. If the Intel-powered chips last for this long, you can easily even get close to a decade’s worth of OS support for the newer M-chips. If you want a laptop that will last you for the proverbial eternity, look no further.

To Conclude—What Should You Get

If you are very specific about hardware choices or save a few bucks, Windows devices are pretty reasonable. If you want to get a laptop that gets the job done without breaking a sweat, or one that lasts forever—the MacBooks are totally worth your money.

We promised not to be biased here, but can we keep things that way?