The Four Critical Features of an Inventory Management Software

What does inventory management represent at all? It plays a massive role in maintaining a logistic network regarding product storage, delivery, availability, and many other things in the business world.

It is implemented to manage sourcing, selling, and storing the inventories, both finished products and raw materials. Those who are using inventory management software and creating inventory lists know that it can solve many issues and open up to various opportunities. Today we will discuss some of the most crucial features this software must contain.

1. Automatic Inventory Restocking

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If a crucial product or part is running low, you shouldn’t wait until it is out of stock, so you cannot order it anymore. If you do so, you will lose a lot of customers, which leads to poor sales and can push new consumers away from your company.

Namely, they will think that you will no longer have that particular item or part, which will force them to choose your competitor over you the next time they go shopping. Furthermore, a lot of inventory management software can set up instant restock of your products. Once your products fall below the limit, this system will order with the supplier to supply the low products.

2. Inventory Management


Inventory management directs the data from different parts of the system, such as inventory control. Besides that, it also deals with various business processes before the stock comes to a warehouse and how your inventory arrives in other destinations.

Furthermore, these features involve tools for integration and multi-location management with other systems or ERP (enterprise resource planning) platforms. It is easy to see based on these facts the importance of inventory management software. For instance, with it, you can buy orders and generate paperless invoices.

3. Configurability

This inventory planning feature enables one system to be configured and set up for two different corporations or business entities to have a distinct personality and look and feel. This way, the more extensive systems are successfully incorporated across various industries and merchandise without modification.

While practically every software has configurability to some extent, what does it enable you to achieve? These are some examples:

  • A product with different sizes and colors may be configured in a certain way to showcase total product sales, along with stock on-hand by base product or style.
  • Adoption of detailed charge accounting structure.

4. Enhance Order Accuracy

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A lot of professional inventory management software is relatively easy to integrate with other programs. Namely, this feature allows businesses to run a properly organized warehouse that supervises and tracks each product and stock.

This way, you will be able to quickly pull the exact order from your consumer and, at the same time, utilize the right amount of your inventory from the warehouse to meet all demands. Most of this software also enables you to see if the order is delivered without experiencing any issues.


It is easy to conclude how beneficial it is to have inventory management software. Most of them come with various essential features. However, we decided to accentuate the most important ones that every system is supposed to have.