How to dismiss volume overlay popup in Windows 10 display?

Do you want to know about how volume overlay in windows operating system? Well, we have the best solutions for you. There are very less options that Windows has to offer for this thing but still, you can easily get rid of this overlay if you want. We are going to discuss everything in this article. So, make sure to read it till the end.

Windows computers are equipped with numerous features that you will not get in most of the other operating systems. When it comes to convenience, they have everything prepared for the users.

But, as we all know, all of us have different preferences. So, it is possible that you may like the feature that I don’t like. Volume control overlay is one of those features that some people would love to use whereas most of us hate these features.

How to dismiss volume overlay popup in Windows

Because it can hide some of your content on the screen, you may also want to get rid of this overlay as soon as possible. In some cases, people get so frustrated with it that they have to switch to another Windows. But, that also doesn’t work to get his issue fixed.

The only way to hide this overlay is to wait for the time it is fading and then getting away from the screen. However, there are some things you can do in order to get rid of this overlay.

Most of the Windows users will not be aware of these things. But, we are going to reveal all of them below in this article. You will get to know about them and the strategies to follow along.

In other words, we will help you to hide this volume control overlay using the best methods possible. But, before starting, let’s know some more things about this feature in Windows.

What is the volume overlay in Windows?

If you have a Windows computer, try to decrease or increase the volume using the buttons on the Keyboard. You will see an option where you can adjust the volume and see it functioning as your press the buttons on your keyboard.

But, when you are using Spotify, YouTube, or some online media players on your computer, you see a huge banner with Artist and track details.

This banner or we can say the overlay is going to hide the whole area behind it. Also, if its timing is set to 10 or more seconds, it will remain there for that time frame. Even if you are pressing Esc, Enter, or Space buttons, this overlay will go nowhere until its time is not passed.

This overlay feature is very beneficial in some cases. Especially when you do not want to change your tabs and want to see which track is running. Also, this overlay will highlight the remaining time of your track.

You can use the next or previous functions using this function pretty easily. There are various other benefits of having this feature enabled on your Windows computer. So, if you want you can keep it.

But, it will be good to keep it away if you have some priorities. We are going to discuss that below.

Why disable Volume Control Overlay? 

As we discussed earlier, dismissing the volume overlay means you want nothing between the main content on your screen. If you have this overlay appearing on your screen, it is going to hide most of the content below it.

It will remain there for some time. But, there are various benefits you will get by dismissing the volume control overlay.

It is OK to see this overlay going away after some time. But, if are doing something on your computer and you hover over this overlay, it will reset its timing and remain there for some more time.

This could be frustrating for the users. If you are also frustrated with this, it is good to stop this thing right away.

Also, if you are an occasional media consumer on your computer, it is alright to have this feature enabled. But, if you watch a lot of movies, videos, and listen to songs on your computer, it will be better to disable this thing from your computer.

The overlay could be helpful in some cases

Also, you should keep a thing in mind that this feature will give you proper highlights of whatever you are doing. So, if you have songs running in your headphones and you forgot about it.

Pressing the volume up/down/mute buttons will show that you are using the media. Again, if you do not hear music and watch videos more often on your PC, this thing is not going to hurt you anyway.

So, it is all about your preferences whether you should disable this overlay feature or not. If you do not want to have this, you are good to go.

However, most of the users find this feature worthless. So, if you are one of those, below is the detailed process for you to follow.

How to reduce volume control overlay timing in Windows 10?

In most of the cases, people find it pretty annoying when this overlay start appearing for very long time periods. In some cases, it can appear for about 1 to 5 minutes which you or anyone else will find abnormal.

A 5 to 10-second time-frame is good and for this feature, we should expect this overlay to appear for this time only. But, if you are also one of those who are seeing this overlay for huge time periods, there is a special feature in the Settings option of Windows.

You just have to change this timing from there and you will be able to get it fixed.

Windows has various other features to offer when it comes to the notifications. So, for this thing, you can get this solved using the method we are going to discuss below.

Not only for Windows 10, but you can also use this method on any other Windows version too.

  • Press Windows+X button together and click on the Settings option.
  • Now, click on Ease of Access option.
  • Go to the visual options section and find Show Notification for option.
  • In the dropdown menu, choose the 5 seconds option which is the minimum.

Now, whenever your notification will appear, it will show up just for 5 seconds. This is a normal timeframe everyone can easily tolerate. You should also be doing that.

But, if you are still not satisfied with this result, just proceed to the next step.

Dismiss volume overlay on Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome to surf the internet or to use YouTube or Spotify, it will be good if you dismiss using your browser itself. The Chrome browser offers numerous options to do this thing.

You can either get into the coding stuff yourself or you can use this simple procedure. Because Chrome has a lot of customization features, you can use different settings to perform different tasks inside it.

There are various hardware-related features you can find in Google Chrome. So, they all can work for different tasks. But, here we are going to use a special feature in the flags section of Google Chrome.

We will proceed step by step and see if can work for you. This procedure will work on all the versions of Windows and Google Chrome.

So, you should perform it in the way we have discussed and you will definitely get rid of these overlay features.

Let’s see how to dismiss Windows 10 volume popup overlay in Google Chrome.

  • Open Google Chrome Browser and enter this in the link bar.


  • Now, set the Hardware Media Key Handling option to Disabled.
  • Your browser will ask for a relaunch.

disable volume overlay popup on Chrome

Upon the restart, you will not see that huge media banner whenever you level up or down the volume. This is the best and fastest way to hide this overlay.

However, you can use the next method too for the same. You can use this method on any Chromium-based web browser on your PC.

Hide Windows 10 Volume Control overlay and Popup using HideVolumeOSD

HideVolumeOSD is a third-party software you can use to make this work easier for you. This software is developed just for this purpose. The developers have done a great job by creating this piece of software and making the process simple and straightforward.

With this software, you will be able to get rid of this volume popup overlay without changing your settings whatsoever. Just install this software and you are good to go. The software is going to help you with everything. You are just an installation away.

Because of its easy usability, this software becomes the best method to dismiss Windows 10 Overlay using the simple method.

The software is fully trusted and tested. Also, it will not put any extra load on your computer. It will keep doing its job and you can use your computer in the way you want.

The software is available for free on the internet. Below is the brief process of utilizing this software for hiding the volume overlay.

  • Download the latest version of the software HideVolumeOSD from this Official website.
  • Install the software after the download.
  • Make sure to choose the tray version download option.
  • Now, you can choose the tray option icon to turn On or Off this volume icon option.

hidevolumeOSD Software for dismiss Windows 10 volume overlay

This is the best way to solve this issue if you are not able to fix it using any of the above-given processes.

How do I show the volume pop-up display on my screen?

Now, you are aware of the process of hiding this volume bar overlay on your computer. But, if in any case, you want to get this bar back on the screen, you have a pretty simple process to follow.

You just have to follow these methods in a reverse manner. Means, if you have downloaded this software, you just have to uninstall it right away. Alternatively, if you have chosen the Google Chrome option to hide the overlay in your browser, you can just set it back to the default option.

By doing these things you can easily show the volume bar on the screen. Also, you can adjust the timing of this bar by going to the setting menu as we have discussed above.

Once you have removed these settings and the external software, Windows will start to show the volume bar in the way it was showing earlier.

So, this was all about enabling and disabling this volume bar overlay in your Windows computer.

Customize the volume popup overlay in Windows

Unfortunately, Windows has nothing very special to offer for the customization of volume control overlay. It means Windows will adjust the color of the overlay as per the background of your screen.

So, even if you are very curious to change this color, you will never be able to do it. You can easily change the colors of menus, borders, and backgrounds in all the Windows versions.

But, in order to change this color, Windows has nothing to offer. So, that means, you have to see this overlay in the way it is appearing. There is nothing special you can do to change its parameters.

The volume popup overlay can’t be customized in anyway. Whether you want to reduce or increase its size or modify the colors, this Windows function is developed to remain in the way it is.

We can expect Windows to change it with the time but for now, we have to see it in the same way.

Final Verdict

This Volume overlay feature can be pretty helpful for some people. However, most of the people find it worthless. Because, you can adjust its transparency, color, and appearance, it could become a waste of time for some people.

In order to disable it, we hope we have provided enough help in this article. You will definitely be able to know how to dismiss Windows 10 volume control overlay using this article.

But, we suggest you to do any of these things if you have proper technical knowledge about them. Also, do not change any other setting which we haven’t described in this article. It will be good if you follow this procedure in the way it is given. This will be beneficial for you in all the terms.

We hope you have found this article helpful in this regard. We have tried to cover all the things we could in this article. So, we hope you will get all the desired information from this.

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