How to Clear Inbuilt Purgeable Storage Space on macOS?

If you own a Mac, you may not face must problems related to the performance. But, it can definitely come up with various issues related to the storage. Well, our Mac are wise enough to check for the important and useless files. So, the file which it marks as redundant or useless, they get stored in a separate space known a purgeable data. Do you want to know how to clear purgeable storage space on macOS? Here in this article, we are going to reveal the best methods to do it properly. So, let’s start.

Most of the time, our systems get full because of these files because the Mac generally keep collecting these files instead of deleting them. So, either you have to delete them manually or using a software.

Although deleting them will be a task of a couple of clicks, but if you don’t know how to do it, this can be tough for you.

This is the reason why Mac users keep asking how to delete the Purgeable files on Mac system using the simplest methods. So, here we are going to discuss the best methods to do it.

How to Clear Inbuilt Purgeable Storage Space on macOS?

So, whether your system storage of getting full of these purgeable files like audios, documents, videos, or images, you will be able to delete them properly after reading this article till the end.

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What is purgeable space on Mac?

In purgeable data, you will find duplicate files, outdates caches, and other unwanted files which you should delete from your system.

Well, it is an inbuilt feature of Mac, which you can turn On or Off by going to Optimize Storage features inside Mac settings. Also, deleting these files is possible in the same location.

Also, on the same menu, you will be able to see how much space is covered by which file in the form of color codes.

In other words, purgeable space allows you to keep even the unwanted files saved on your computer in any case you want to use them for any work.

If you don’t, it is easy to delete from your system without causing any hassles to the files or operating system.

How much purgeable space do I have?

This feature comes along with macOS Sierra and its later versions. So, if you have turned On your storage optimization settings, you will be able to see this space and delete it anytime you want.

So, to check the total purgeable space on your Mac, follow the procedure given below.

  1. Click on the Apple Logo on Top Left
  2. After that, click on About this Mac option
  3. Now, click on the Storage Tab.

After you reach the storage menu, you will see the total storage available and consumed on your system, although you are going to see various color block showing systems, iOS, and other files.

Generally, the greyed area will highlight the total purgeable space on your system.

So, this was the process of checking the amount of purgeable files on your macOS. Now, without discussing further, let’s actually dive into the process to delete the purgeable space on Mac easily.

I hope you will be able to do it by choosing the right methods for you.

Simple Ways to Clear Inbuilt Purgeable Storage Space on macOS?

Although your system is going to delete these files after some time if you don’t do it. But, if you are in need of space to download a heavy file, you can force delete it using various methods.

Delete Purgeable file manually

Doing it manually is the best way to have great results. Because MacOS allows you to see which file has stored how much space, you can easily start deleting the things you want to keep away from your system.

So, manual removal will be much more beneficial for you and your Mac. Let’s know how to manually clear purgeable space on Mac using simple steps.

  1. Click on the Apple menu and then select About this Mac option
  2. Now, click on the storage tab where you will see the total space consumed by your files
  3. Then, click on Manage option to see detailed information about each file and data
  4. There, the total amount of storage consumed by different files and applications
  5. You can start checking for the files which you may not want in your system and delete them manually.

For some people, this process might be a tough and time consuming if they have a huge amount of clutter stored inside the system. So, below is another way to do this thing much more easily and effectively.

Delete Purgeable files using Terminal

In a much more easy way, you can clear all your purgeable files using the terminal app on your Mac. You might be aware of the effectiveness of Terminal as Windows Command prompt.

So, you can easily use this inbuilt feature of Mac to clear your purgeable files. The detailed process to do it is given below.

  1. Launch Terminal app from launchpad
  2. Paste this code in terminal command mkfile -n 10g temp_10GB_file Change the file size after checking the total purgeable space in your Mac.
  3. This command will create temporary files of your purgeable data in your storage
  4. Now, go to the storage and delete all those temporary files created using this command.

Multiple files could be created as per the total purgeable space on your Mac. So, make sure to keep checking for the available space and run this command until all the data is cleared.

This command actually tells the system to create temporary files of our desired size so that you can delete them further. I hope this method will also help you to delete purgeable space on Mac.

However, another great method to do it is given below.

Delete Purgeable files using third-party cleaning app

For MacOS, you can find a lot of third-party utility and storage cleaning apps. Most of them are free but highly effective when it comes to managing and optimizing the storage spaces.

Some options to choose are CleanMyMac X, CCleaner, Disk Doctor, AVG cleaner for Mac. All these software can easily be used to delete not only the purgeable files but also different other unwanted apps and files.

So, you can either go for a paid software or a free one to easily make your system free from unwanted data.

How to stop MacOS from storing purgeable files?

Now, you have already known how to clear purgeable files from MacOS? But, if you do not want to have these files again on your Mac, it is easy to make some changes to the settings and tell the system not to store these unwanted files.

However, if you want to keep these files in your system, you shouldn’t perform these settings. But, in most of the cases, not storing these files will be important to keep your system storage healthy and effective.

To stop your MacOS from storing these files, simply do the changes given below.

  1. Go to the storage menu and Turn Off Store in iCloud and Optimize Storage options
  2. Now, go to System Preferences and then choose iCloud option
  3. Now, click on iCloud Drive and uncheck all the options further
  4. You can uncheck all other apps to stop them from saving unwanted cache and other files in the purgeable space.

Once you have done these settings, you Mac is not going to save these purgeable files again on your system. Although, if some files are still there, you can delete them by following the steps given above.

But, you can stay assured that these files are not going to get accumulated again because you have actually disabled this feature.


What are the benefits of clearing purgeable space on Mac?

We all want to keep your systems free from junk storage and unwanted files or caches. Whether it is a Mac or a PC, it is crucial to keep our storages free from temporary files using suitable methods.

So, when you clear all your purged files, your PC eventually gets a lot of free space where you can store your desired files. Also, it can increase the performance in several ways if there is a large number of unwanted files stored on your computer.

When you clean up all your purged files, you are actually removing a lot of harmful files from your computer too. So, it will surely give you a much more secure environment and safe things to do with your computer.

You may also get away from serval disk performance issues by deleting these purgeable files. There are various other things which are going to help you after you are done cleaning those files.

So, we hope you have now cleared with everything about how to delete purgeable files from Mac.

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We suggest you perform the file cleaning using the manual method because it is the most reliable way to do it. However, if you want, you can use third-party apps, but make sure to read their terms and guidelines for the best benefits.

However, using Terminal to run commands and delete unwanted files is another impressive option without causing any harm to your system. Although it might be tough for some people.

So, we hope you are now aware of how to clear inbuilt purgeable mac files. If this article helped you, please share your feedback in the comment section.

Also, do not forget to share this article with others to help them with this too. We keep coming with regular updates like this one. So, stay connected with us and get updated.