How to fix Stuck at Scanning and Repairing Drive (C) Issue in Windows

Are your windows stuck at an error that says scanning and repairing drive stuck issue? Well, this is a common error but it will appear only in special cases. The error will come to you whenever your computer had some issues with the last shutdown. You can see that the error is clearly saying that the system is fixing the problem which is important to be fixed.

If the system is not able to do so, the process can be stuck at any percentage and your PC will not boot up. Now, this could be pretty daunting and frustrating at the same time.

However, we are going to follow some great steps by which you can easily get your problem fixed without any hassle.

fix Scanning and Repairing Drive stuck

Just like any other problem on your computer, any issue with your hard drive can be harmful if you do not do anything about it. You can even lose all your data stored on your driver.

So, it is crucial to handle this kind of error with proper care. We do not suggest you force stop this process and start doing some random fixing steps. In some cases, you may not be able to start your computer.

So, we are going to cover all those things here and provide you with effective solutions to all these issues.

We hope you will follow the processes properly and get your issue fixed without problems.

This problem can become a serious issue if you are not taking care of the error in a proper manner.

So, we are going to try several methods and we are sure any one of them will work for you.

If you are facing this type of issue on your computer, this article will provide you with all the help you need. We are going to know about all the things which may work for you in this case.

So, you will have to try all of them and see which will work for you. Along with that, we are going to know some other important things about this error. So, without any further delays, let’s get started.

What is scanning and repairing drive error in Windows (Disable or Stuck)?

This error will appear only when you boot up your computer and, it will highlight the issues with your hard drive for sure. So, if your computer wasn’t properly shut down in the last usage, there could be some troubles with your hard drive.

If your drive was working on something or writing the data inside it and you suddenly shut your system down, this error can appear.

So, whenever there are some issues with your hard driver, your system will try to fix the problems automatically during the startup. Now, if you start your computer or laptop after a sudden shutdown, the chances of seeing this error increase a lot.

Normally, this process will take some time while reaching from 0 to 100 percent. But, it can sometimes take forever to complete.

In other words, you can see your computer running this scan for hours and it never ends.

That is the time when you become tensed about the problem. So, in that case, you should always stay ready to perform some effective steps for the same.

What are the Reasons for Stuck Scanning and Repairing in C Drive?

As we have discussed the main reason for this problem in the earlier paragraph, there are various other things which might be responsible for this problem. We are going to discuss them here.

But, you can’t say directly that this thing has caused the issue because there are various factors playing around here. This could be anything starting from your software to the drivers.

So, instead of focusing on just a single reason, let’s see some of the main reasons which can result in this error.

  1. Incorrect shut down/forced to shut down/power outage
  2. Bad sectors available in your hard driver
  3. Virus or malware
  4. Incorrect, outdated, or corrupted drivers
  5. Third-party software

All these things can be responsible for this scanning and repairing drive error on any Windows computer. But, you do not have to dig deeper into these problems because they all result in the same issue.

Instead, you should find out the ways to solve the problem. For that, this article is going to be a perfect help for you.

Does scanning and repairing drive work?

Most of the time, this scan will run from 0 to 100 and you will surely be able to get rid of the problems which are lying inside your system. So, if you ask anyone, they will say that this thing is going to work.

Because it is an inbuilt safety mechanism from Windows, it is supposed to complete and fix any problem going on with your hard disk.

However, lots of users can face a situation where this process keeps running and never finishes.

That is the time when you can’t wait anymore. This can keep running for hours and even for days.

At that moment, you might have a question in mind that whether this process is going to complete or not.

We can say that it is not definite that this scan will get completed always and fix any issue. In fact, you can find yourself stuck in a place where you can’t quit this process and your computer won’t boot up normally.

So, we can say that there are situations where this scanning process will never complete and you will have nothing in your hand except waiting for it to complete.

But, when this goes too far, you can do some other things which we are going to do here.

Why is the scan stuck in one place?

That’s the most annoying thing you can experience with this issue. So, if your process is also stuck after taking some steps to some percentage, the chances are that it is going to be there forever.

So, if you try to restart your system again, you may face this issue again and the process is going to be stuck in one place. The reason could be that there are some things that this automatic repair process can’t fix. So, you will manually have to do something about the same.

There could be another situation where you sometimes get your system turned on and sometimes it just keeps running this process. There can be various other factors causing this process to be stuck in one place.

However, instead of focusing a lot on this thing, you should think about the ways to properly solve the issue.

Is Stuck Scanning caused by a Virus?

Yes. There could be a virus or malware behind this issue. Most of the time, the problem is caused by shut down related problems but in certain cases, if the virus is causing harm to your hard drive, it can end up causing this error as well.

In this article below, we are going to do effective troubleshooting for virus related problems also. But, you should focus on other things that are primarily there in this kind of error.

Various viruses are made to attack your hard disks and then corrupt them. Also, they can encrypt them so that you can’t access the content.

If this is the case in your situation, you should do everything important related to that virus. But, mostly, viruses are not there behind this issue and there are some other hardware or software issues lying around.

We hope you have answered all your questions related to this and now we should just jump to the actual fixing processes.

How to stop Windows from scanning and repairing the drive?

Not always this scan will complete and solve your problems. Also, if you want to try some fixing methods, you will have to bypass this process and enter the system to perform those actions.

Otherwise, your system will always come up with this thing every time you try to boot it up. The process of doing the same is very simple and easy.

However, for some people, it can be tough. But, if you want to continue to these steps, you will have to follow this method. You will have to stop this scanning and turn your computer normally so that you won’t face this issue again.

You will have to enter the Windows recovery environment for the same. But, it can also be a pretty tough thing to do at this step.

But, let’s discover how you can do it without hassles.

  1. Hold your power button for 10 seconds to shut it down
  2. Now, press the power button and try to turn it on. Once the manufacturer logo appears, hold the power button and shut it down again.
  3. Do the second step three times continuously
  4. After three steps, just boot up your system normally and it will enter the Windows recovery environment
  5. Inside that menu, go to Troubleshoot>>Advanced Options>>Command Prompt
  6. Enter this command in the command prompt and hit enter:

bcdedit /set {current} recoveryenabled no

This command will stop the automatic repair and you will now be able to bypass this process and get into your system. But, this is just the start.

Your problem isn’t fixed and you will surely have to do something really quick because no one is there to protect your system or hard drive from errors.

So, now when you are inside your system, just start doing these steps one by one.

The Ultimate Guide to fix Scanning and Repairing Drive Stuck issues in Windows

There are several things you have to do to fix scanning and repairing drive stuck issues. So, we are going to uncover all of them.

You will have to follow them systematically because any of them can work for you.

1. Check your disk physically

If you can do so, make sure to confirm whether your hard disk is connected properly to your system. If you have moved your system around recently, it is possible that there are some displacements in your hard disk and the motherboard.

In that case, your system might be thinking that there are errors and the scan is never getting completed.

You can proceed further to follow other steps, but, if any of them is not working for you, you should definitely get this thing done by an expert.

In the case of a desktop, it will be easier to access your hard disk and check whether it is connected properly. Opening a laptop on your own is never suggested.

But, in the end, if these simple methods don’t work for you, you will have to find an expert to check everything.

So, if you can, make sure to check the connections first of all.

2. Check the Drive Status

Checking drive status is also very helpful before you proceed further for advanced troubleshooting steps. Your Windows system allows you to do this thing without any hassles. You can easily access the page where your drive’s status will be given.

With this process, you will be able to know the drive status and if you find some issues, you might have to do something else. In fact, you can make your decision perfectly whether you have to do these steps or not.

If there are some problems with your hard drive, you might have to replace your drive also.

For that, we would suggest you reach a professional. Now, let’s see how you can easily check your drive status on your Windows computer.

  1. Open Windows Control Panel
  2. Go to the Security and Maintenance option
  3. Click the Maintenance tab
  4. Check under the Drive status that whether there is any issue given or not

If there is something wrong given at that place, you can easily decide what you have to do. We would suggest you go through the further steps for better help. Otherwise, you can get in touch with an expert.

3. Use Error Checking Tool in Windows

Windows OS has given a lot of advanced features to the users to do some basic troubleshooting and fixes on their own. So, if we talk about the disk-related issues, you can use various features in your Windows computer by which you can easily solve this issue.

The tool which we are going to use is known as the Drive error checking tool. This tool is going to help you fix numerous issues related to your hard disk and especially OS-related problems.

You can easily use this feature and this is the reason why we are discussing it in the first place. This thing will be able to fix some issues which are in its hand.

However, if you want, you can run other scans first of all. But, we will suggest you do this one because it is effective in this type of issue.

  1. Go to the Windows File Explorer
  2. Go to MY PC section and find your C Drive
  3. Right-click on your C Drive and choose the option Properties
  4. Now, choose the Tools tab and then click the Check option
  5. Now, Windows will check for the errors and if there is an error it will ask you to choose the options Repair Drive
  6. If there is no error found, you can click Scan Drive and keep scanning the complete drive

Once the scan is completed, make sure to restart your computer and see if the problem is resolved. If you see this error again, you can go to the next step.

4. Run CHKDSK Command in Safe Mode

On PC Stacks, we have run CHKDSK scan to solve different issues with various Windows problems. This time, we are going to use it again in safe mode. For your information, this scan is effective in solving most of the basic problems related to your hard drive.

At this step, we will make the most out of it by running it in safe mode. This scan can effectively solve most of your hard drive related problems including this one.

So, whether this is caused by any sudden shutdown or any other damage to your hard disk, you can find your solution just by running this scan.

However, you should be inside your system to run this scan. Also, having your system in safe mode is important to run the scan properly.

So, let’s get started.

  1. Turn On your system and press Windows + R keys together to open the Run Tab
  2. Enter msconfig in the run tab and hit enter
  3. Go to the boot tab and check Safe boot under boot options
  4. Now, your PC will restart into the safe mode
  5. Open the Run command again and enter cmd this time and hit enter
  6. Inside the command prompt, enter this command chkdsk C:/f and hit Enter

Let this scan run and restart your PC again after the scan is completed. Now, you should be able to fix this problem. But, if you are not, just proceed to the next step.

5. Run Repair-Volume-DriveLetter command

We are going to use the same method this time as well but the command is different this time. This is another great scan by which you can easily fix scanning and repairing drive stuck issue on Windows computer.

This scan is great to solve various types of hard disk errors which the CHKDSK scan can’t fix.

Scan may look similar to the above one but this one is different and run on the Powershell instead of the Command prompt. Also, the functioning is different. The issue solved by this scan will be different.

So, you should definitely give it a try before you go further into more steps.

  1. Follow the above method to start your PC in safe mode first of all
  2. Now, search for Powershell in the Windows search bar
  3. Run Powershell as an Administrator
  4. Now, enter this command and hit Enter

repair-volume -driveletter c (C is the name of drive partition your want to repair)

Let this scan run for some time and then restart your computer once it is finished. If the issue still persists, you can go to the next step.

6. Run System Restore

It is possible that the issue is caused by some faulty settings on your computer. So, if you have recently started seeing this issue, you can easily get all your settings back using the system restore.

System restore will help you get your system back in the condition it was earlier.

If there is something wrong with your system happening for some days, you can restore your system and get everything back into normal condition. Running a system restore is pretty easy.

Let’s see how you can do that.

  1. Enter the Windows Recovery Environment as we did in the first method
  2. Now, go to Troubleshoot>>Advanced Options>>System Restore
  3. In the next window, click Next
  4. Now, choose the restore point if available and then hit Next
  5. Confirm the restore point and proceed further

The process will take some time to complete. But, once completed, you can get rid of this issue. If not, you have another step to follow.

7. Run an antivirus scan

As we discussed earlier, viruses and malware can also cause this problem in various cases. So, try running your Windows Defender scan or a customized scan from any other third-party scanning software.

If this issue is caused by an antivirus, you should be able to fix it just by removing those viruses.

Because various viruses can attack your data storage, you should always stay ready to remove them. So, make sure to properly find them and remove them.

When to seek professional support?

So, if any of these methods doesn’t work for you, it is time to find a professional to look deeply into the matter. It will be better if you find the official support center of your computer manufacturer.

They will surely be able to find the possible problems and fix them from their roots.

Of course, you will have to pay some amount for the same but it will be the best fix you can try for any type of problem. Do not forget to do some more research on the topic but if nothing is working for you, do not play much with all these things.

It can result in some other damages. So, when you find that none of these things were able to solve the problem, you should start to find someone who can solve it.

Final Verdict

Do we hope you are not aware of how to fix the scanning and repairing drive stuck issue on Windows 10? All the methods are fully tested and tried by lots of people. So, you can try them in the way they are given.

However, if you face any problem while performing any method, make sure to either research more about it or leave it.

This will be good to stay away from other issues that might happen while you perform the wrong steps.

We hope this article has helped you to get rid of this problem. Let us know which method worked for you. Also, you can give us details about any other method which can be effective to solve this problem.

We will surely try to add it here. You are free to give us any other suggestions about this article. We are eagerly looking to hear from your side. Consider sharing it with others as well. We keep coming with regular articles on various other topics like this. So, stay connected with us.

Thanks for reading!