Best Screenplay Text Editor and Screenwriting Software for Professional Filmmakers

Writing screenplays is not easy work and you have to put lots of effort, time, and patience into the process. Also, when you have a simple word processor, things can become even tougher for you. So, in order to make things easier for you, you can use the best screenwriting software.

If you find it hard to pick the right one for you, this article is going to help you with the same. In fact, we are going to cover most of the popular screen writing software which you can find ever on the internet.

All of these software are fully tried and tested by professionals. So, make sure to read this article till the end for a better understanding.

Best Screenwriting Software

Screenwriting software is being used for a long ago. The time from when computers are used for writing purposes, creative people are using these software to make their writing works much more smoother and impressive.

These software help you to properly write, edit, format, and compose your write-ups in an elegant manner. However, picking the right one will be the main thing to do for everyone.

Write the documents, scripts, and various other things using these software as per the given guidelines.

Following the standard screenplay parameters will become pretty easy for you. There are various other benefits you will receive using these software.

In simple words, these software will help you to speed up your work by just focusing on the words and the story. The software will keep a note of the format of the script.

This is a great thing when you want to make the most out of your time and effort. In order to use these software, you must have a computer and an interest in writing.

They are going to make your work much more faster and impressive. If you research on the internet, you will find hundreds of screenwriting programs to use.

However, picking the right one is always a challenge. But, you are now with us and we are going to help you with everything.

You are going to know about the best screenwriting software which will definitely help you with everything along with the script writing and stuff like that.

So, without any further discussions, let’s get started.

What is screenwriting software?

As we have discussed earlier, the screenwriting software helps us to perform editing, printing, compositing, tasks of scripts used in video games, television, films, and various other things.

As per the requirements, the writers have to create a proper script where every character, scene, and every other important detail will be considered. These software also helps with grammar, language, and backups of your files.

That means you do not have to go for manual formatting of your scripts in any way. Adding scene headlines, slug lines, dialogues, actions, names, and various other things becomes pretty easy using these software.

In a nutshell, the screenwriting software are going to help a lot to convert blank pages into well-written scripts pretty easily. These software completely worth it because you get a lot of advantages from them without facing any issues at all.

So, let’s what are those software which you are going to test or use for this process. The software are not only used by the video industry but also by the comedians, blog writers, and other content publishers.

They help us to work under certain industry guidelines and this is why you should try to find the best one for you. We have researched a lot about these software and created a list of the best ones for you.

So, consider reading this article until the end. You will definitely find it helpful to know about some industry pioneers.

95% Used (Free and Paid) Best Screenwriting Software To Use in 2020

Let’s reveal all these popular software which you can definitely test out and use for an impressive work. All of these are suggested by the professionals too. Just start with the first one first.

Final Draft 11

This is one of the most popular and impressive software used by the industry professionals. It is also one of the oldest software actively used in this industry for a long time.

The software has won numerous awards because it is used by various firms including Pixar, ABC, and Netflix. You can numerous visualization and brainstorming features with this software.

It helps you to transform your creative ideas into the real script inside very short time frames. So, if you want to meet with the industry standards using your writing skills, this software is going to help you with the same.

The software will help you to easily paginate your script and format it properly. Alternate dialogues, story maps, and Keyboard shortcuts are some of the main features of this software.

Let’s know about some other features below.

Key features;

  1. Plan milestones visually
  2. Add characters and scenes easily
  3. Automatic Backups
  4. Revision mode
  5. Supports over 97 languages
  6. Text to Speech support
Final Draft 11 Screenwriting Software for free
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WriterDuet Screenwriting Software

This is another highly impressive and advanced screenwriting software that you should definitely use if you want to create screenplays for mass media.

You can various tools and features inside this software to make your writing work easy and fast. It’s real-time collaboration, mobile device support, and better customization features with this tool.

However, this will suit best to the people who want to write with real-time collaboration with their seniors of colleagues. You can create backup copies and upload them on Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox pretty easily.

Whether you want to work online or offline, this software is perfect for all kinds of applications. The user-interface is really impressive and all the tools are easy to use.

Let’s know more about its features.

Key Features:

  1. Free sign up
  2. Use of Multiple browsers
  3. Integrated with SSL for enhanced security
  4. Easily track your edits
  5. Inbuilt tutorials.
Best screenwriting software for Film makers
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This is another highly amazing, free, and advanced screenwriting software you should definitely use if you are looking for something free of cost. The software is widely used by filmmakers from all over the world.

Also, the software is trusted in the industry and available for an end to end product management platforms. You can use it for auto-generating shot lists, storyboards, and numerous things.

Editing the files and collaborating with others is very easy using this package. For both production and pre-production tasks, this software is quite effective for the writers and directors.

You can easily create new documents and assign others for editing and formatting purposes. Also, you get various formatting features inbuilt inside this software.

Let’s know some more of its amazing features.

Key Features:

  1. Write with industry-standard formats
  2. Convert scripts from other software
  3. Write with others and share opinions
  4. Organize and reformat
  5. Easy to use
How to find best screen writing software for PC
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This is another impressive software or we can say a screenwriting tool available to use. It is a cloud-based platform where you can easily write your screenplays and format or edit them properly.

This software has everything to help you make quality content in easy manners. You can use its amazing report tools to check your progress and make necessary adjustments without any hassle.

The software is best for not only the screenwriters but also for novelists and playwrights. The software is pretty easy to use and anyone can easily start writing on its within minutes.

You can also use it for both online and offline works to make things even easier for you.

The text editing module is highly advanced and allows you to add various custom fields to your documents. Let’s see some of its other benefits.

Key Features:

  1. A single master file for a good organization
  2. Easy to learn and simple to use
  3. Create strip boards and production calendars
  4. Cloud-based services
  5. Real-time collaboration
Best screenwriting tools for Windows PC
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Scrivener Software

Scrivener is another one of the oldest and popular screenwriting software in the market. The software can be used for writing scripts, notes, articles, and other types of documents.

However, the software is suitable for both financial and non-financial authors. The software is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS. So, you are not going to have any compatibility issues.

You can easily access your work online and start editing on the go. The software has a really amazing user-interface so you are going to have no issues with using it as a beginner too.

The editor offers various customization options and formatting functions to make your scripts professional and easy to understand. Let’s see some of its other features.

Key Features:

  1. Intuitive user-interface
  2. Easy text editing with various formatting features
  3. Import files from docs, pdf, and various other formats
  4. Drag and drop function
  5. 30 days free trial period
  6. Lots of amazing fonts to choose from
Fastest Software for Film maker
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KIT Scenarist

This software is used by more than 10000 authors all over the world. Also, it has various other features that make it suitable for your writing tasks too. The software is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. So, using it inside your smartphones are tablets is also possible.

You can use its numerous research functions to make your writeups much more thorough. Also, you can add numerous characters and other items inside your scripts.

Whenever you are writing or editing your screenplays, you can use its tools to get detailed information about everything you want. However, its user-friendly interface is going to give you the freedom to use the features quite impressively.

Writing stories, screenplays, articles, and other stuff will become easy when you have this software in your hands. Let’s see some other features.

Key Features:

  1. Rich formatting functions
  2. Available in multiple languages
  3. Get scripts in various formats including docs and pdf
  4. Use dark or light themes
  5. Statistics tools are available
  6. Set management and character tools
Kitscenarist screenwriting software
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Movie Magic Screenwriter

This software is available just for Windows and Mac users. However, you are going to have numerous features that you may not get with any other software in this field.

The software comes along with different writing, editing, compositing, and publishing features. You can use it for amazing printing features. The software can also be used to write for online videos.

You will not believe by hearing that this software was used by the writers to write the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”. The software is pretty easy to use and understand.

Also, it allows you to create customized scripts using its real-time intelligent editing and formatting features.

The software also has features for real-time collaborations to enhance your workflow more and more. You can also use it for official purposes by adding some other contributors.

Let’s know some of its other features.

Key Features:

  1. Color coding features for references and research
  2. Tag locations and characters
  3. Use its Navidock interface to improve your scripts more
  4. Text to speed features
  5. Use inbuilt templates
  6. Easy to access, views, and edit documents
Best Software for script writing
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Highland 2

This is another popular and widely-used screenwriting software you should definitely check once. The software is known for its deep customization features for the writers.

It has a pretty cool and easy user-interface. So, adding new documents and then writing your desired types of scripts will become even simpler for you. You can use it to write professional as well as simple scripts for any other purpose.

The software is best for those who want to add constant images into their scripts. Also, it is a great option for blog writers and online creators as well. It’s also has automatic formatting features to help you more.

Also, you can use its sprint feature to track the time until when your project should be finished.

The software keeps coming with regular updates and keeps improving day by day. However, you are going to have some limitations like bugs and some other restrictions with the free software.

Let’s know some of its other features.

Key Features:

  1. Scratchpad feature for taking instant notes
  2. Design your own themes using the pro version
  3. Lots of keyboard shortcuts to use.
  4. Automatic plain text backup option
  5. In-built gender analysis tool.
screen writing tools free
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Final Verdict

Choosing the best screenwriting software is a complex process. You never know which software is going to give you what offerings. However, all these software are fully tested and tried by the professional of various industries.

Still, we suggest you visit their official sites properly and get as much detail as you want. This is going to be the best way to enhance your selection process and hence the productivity.

Most of these software are going to be pretty costly. So, make your decision by keeping all these things in mind.

We hope you have found this article helpful. If so, consider sharing it with others too. Also, you should also give your valuable feedback in the comment section.

You can also give us new suggestions for the articles in the future. We will definitely help you with everything we can. We keep publishing regular articles here on this website.

So, stay connected with us.