How to fix Computer has rebooted from a Bugcheck Error?

Windows computers give us a lot of freedom to do our desired tasks efficiently. But, they come up with more frequent errors which you may see in any other OS. We keep covering lots of errors and their solutions on PC Stacks. But, today, we are going to know about the popular bugcheck error.

In fact, we will be fixing this error know as “the computer has restarted from a bugcheck”. People often see this error on their computer after a Blue Screen of death. However, it may appear even after normal computer bootup.

However, it is not easy to find the root cause of this problem because there could be various things lying behind the problem.

Windows Bugcheck Error

It could either be the CPU, Memory, or storage which might be causing the problem for you. So, in order to fix this problem, it will be important to check for all these types of problems. But, if you want to know the actual reason behind this error, it can be tough to detect.

Also, there are very few resources available on the internet to research properly about this thing. But, we are going to uncover everything you may want to know about this error. In a nutshell, you will be able to get rid of this error on your Windows computer by the end of this article.

The only thing you can do to confirm this bugcheck is its code which will come along with this error whenever it might appear on your screen.

We are going to know about all these things in this article below. But, before doing that, you should know the basics of this problem. We will understand why these bugcheck errors appear and what you can do to avoid them in the future.

Also, you will find your computer free from this error once you have properly done all the steps we are going to discuss here. Now, without any further discussions, let’s get started with the actual information.

What is Windows Bugcheck?

You can imagine the Windows bug check as a condition when your OS sees any problematic thing which might be causing your system to misbehave. You can also imagine the bug check as a kernel error, system crash, BSOD, or stop error. It means, your system will try to reboot again and get back to normal condition.

Whenever this error appears, it will again restart and this could become annoying after some time. But, your OS is doing the same thing for which it is designed whenever certain problems appear.

You can see these crash dump files if you have enabled this feature on your system.

If a debugger is enabled on your system, it can be used to detect and even fix the issue. However, if no debugger is there, you are going to see a blue screen of death and it will be a daunting thing to see if you are seeing it for the first time.

Also, if you are a non-technical person, fixing it could be tough for you. However, it is not that tough to get rid of this problem on your own. In fact, we are going to know about all the fixing steps in the article below.

Why do I keep getting blue screen Windows 10?

There is no single reason why your computer is coming up with a blue screen of death. But, the major reason for bugcheck error is mostly related to your hardware. Also, hardware driver software can result in this issue.

If you are using your computer normally using some specific and normal software, they have nothing to do with this error. But, faulty drivers are mostly behind this issue.

Because a faulty driver can’t ensure proper communication between the OS and the hardware, your computer will throw up an error with a specific code.

But, you should never forget that any bug check error will also come up with the BSOD. In fact, most of the time, these bug check errors result in PC freezing and sudden reboots.

So, we are going to know how you can find your bug check problems and fix this problem.

The BSOD errors are normal but when you see some bug check errors along with it, this could be a serious problem going on with your computer.

Finding the actual problem with the bug check code tools

Now, you might not understand this if you are not from a technical background. In fact, these bug check finding methods are made for developers.

They are used by the driver developers. So, if you do not know about all these things, it is better to stay away from them.

Also, we are not going to go much deeper into it because you do not have to do that.

We will see the reasons for this issue along with the possible fixes. But, if you want to know more about these bug check codes, here is a pretty helpful article from Microsoft.

Make sure to give it a read.

What is a Bugcheck Reboot or Restart in Computer Windows?

As we have discussed earlier, a reboot will be the normal behavior your computer is going to show after this error. The system is designed in a way that it will try to refresh once it sees a bug check error.

You may see frequent reboots if your system is getting interacted with this error over and over again. You can simply call it a bugcheck reboot.

If you are paying close attention to this issue, you will surely see some error codes whenever this error is appearing.

This reboot is not harmful to your system in any way. However, the error itself can cause various other issues along with this frequent rebooting.

So, instead of focusing on the reboots, you should try to focus on the fixing procedure.

We are going to deal with this thing later on in this article. But, if you want to understand the bug check reboot properly, it is basically a mechanism made to let the system handle the error more efficiently.

The system will most likely crash and all your ongoing tasks and data may get lost. So, it is important to fix this error as soon as possible.

What is the reason for a bugcheck error?

You can’t point out any single thing which might be causing this problem to happen. As per most of the websites, professionals, and computer users, this problem can be caused because of some issues with CPU, memory, and storage.

However, faulty drivers are mostly behind this problem. So, it is important to check all these things for issues and fix them if you see something strange.

Also, fixing and updating your drivers will be an important step towards fixing this issue.

Because the CPU is the main thing giving your computer the power to process things, if there is something wrong with it or its configurations, bugcheck error can appear.

However, it is not wise to directly say that the CPU is the only reason behind this error. If there is something wrong with the CPU and even other important devices, we can see some other problems such as non-rebooting of your system.

So, before going much deeper into this problem, we should try to do basic checks of these systems and update important drivers.

We are going to do all these things below. So, let’s uncover all those methods one by one.

How to fix the computer has restarted from a bugcheck error?

So, now when you are aware of all the things related to the bug check error, let’s see the actual things you can do to fix this problem.

Follow all these steps properly and systematically for the best results.

Run the Memory Check

This is perhaps the most effective method that can work for your computer’s any kind of memory-related issues. This error can easily be caused by some problems with your RAM and that’s why it is important to do some initial tests to see if it is the reason behind this problem.

We will not take your RAM out and then try to fix it. But, instead, we will do a test with your computer and let your system handle its basic tests. If there are some issues with your memory, your system will surely notify you about the same.

You can easily solve those issues if they are related to your system settings, OS, software, etc. We are going to know how you can perform this check and it will help you with some other types of troubleshooting.

So, let’s actually dive into the process.

  1. Press Windows+R keys together on your computer to open the run tab
  2. Now, enter this command exe inside the tab box and hit Enter
  3. Now, on the next Window, choose the option Restart Now and check for problems. (This will immediately restart your computer and you may lose your data. If you do not want that to happen, you can choose another option.)
  4. Once you perform this action, your computer will check for any problem with the memory while it restarts. Also, it will try to solve the problem during this process.

Once this test is done, check if the problem is appearing again. It should not come back if the issue is caused just by your memory.

But, if you are still experiencing it, you should go to the next method.

Update all the Drivers

We have discussed it already and now you are probably aware that outdated or faulty drivers can also result in this problem. In fact, most of the users were able to fix this problem just by updating their drivers.

So, you should definitely do the same if you really want to get rid of these issues inside your computer.

Updating your Windows drivers is very easy and important at the same time.

They do the job of connecting your OS with the hardware. So, if there are some issues with any of the available drivers, they can let your computer show this error. In the longer run, it can result in some other problems within your computer.

There are two main ways of updating your Windows drivers. The first one is the manual method and the second is automatic.

In the automatic method, we generally use third-party software that will update all the drivers on your computer with a single click.

So, when you have to update all the drivers, this is going to be a helpful want.

But, we are going to know about both the methods here. So, let’s get started.

Manual method

  1. Press Windows+X keys together on your computer and choose the Device Manager option
  2. Inside the Device Manager menu, choose the hardware device you want to update
  3. Now, locate the device and right-click it
  4. Choose the Update Driver option and then pick the automatic method of update
  5. Wait for some time and your driver will get updated

Automatic Method

  1. The automatic method will consist of third-party software that is either free or paid
  2. Some of the most popular driver updater software are as follows:
    • Driver Genius 20 Platinum
    • AVG Driver Updater
    • Driver Booster
    • Reviver Driver
    • Driver Finder
  1. Get any of these software and choose the automatic driver update option
  2. Make sure to update all the available drivers on your computer for the best results

Once all the important drivers on your system have been updated, you can now restart your computer. See if you are getting this error again. If yes, go to the next step.

Check Dump Files

If your system is showing this bugcheck error over and over again, it is giving you some signals that what are the issues behind this problem. Also, you might be seeing a notification whenever you see this error.

You will see your system telling you that all bugcheck error data is stored inside a dump folder. But, this will work only if you have enabled this option on your PC.

Most of the system will have this option enabled but if not, you will have to do it and then you can check this dump file.

Inside this dump file, you will see the software or devices which might be causing this issue.

So, it could be pretty helpful to see even if you have this problem after updating your driver.

How to configure Windows to create dump files?

It is very easy to set up your Windows so that it can save all the data inside a folder having the dump files inside it. However, most of us are not aware of this thing.

But, you can actually fix the computer has restarted from a bugcheck error just by seeing these bug reports. If the problem is very complex, you may not be able to do the same but in most circumstances, you will be successful.

You will surely find the root cause of this problem. So, let’s see how you can make your computer save those dump files for you.

  1. Press Windows+R keys to open the Run box
  2. Enter cpl inside the Run box and hit Enter
  3. Inside the system properties menu, go to the Advanced tab
  4. Click on Settings inside Startup and Recovery section
  5. Inside the new window, press the dropdown under Write Debugging Information and make sure to select Small Memory Dump (256kb)
  6. Select your small dump directory to %SystemRoot%/Minidump

Now, your system will save all the bug check error data inside this folder. So, whenever this error appears, you will have to find the dump file and see what’s inside it.

Analyze the dump files

You will find your dump files inside C:\Windows\Minidump. You just have to locate this folder and open it to see all the dump files.

Now, the only thing you have to do is open those files and gather the information you want.

Make sure to choose the latest dump file created after the recent bug check error.

  1. Open your .dmp file by right-clicking it
  2. You will either find .dll or .sys files inside this file
  3. Just check the .sys files and copy their names
  4. Now go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\ and locate this .sys file which you found inside this dump file
  5. Now, right-click that file and click Properties
  6. Inside the properties tab, choose the Details option
  7. You will get to know about the problematic file or software in front of File Description

You will be able to know which device is causing problems with this process. Now, you can decide to uninstall or change if it is software.

Also, if it is a driver, go to its official website and download the latest version of the driver and install it externally. This will surely help you solve this problem.

Restore your computer

If you have a restore point on your computer which was created before this error starts to appear, you can easily use it to restore your system’s settings in the way they were before.

So, if this problem is caused by any faulty settings, restoring your computer will help you to easily solve this problem. The restore point will help you to actually get your computer back into normal condition.

You might have to compromise some other settings but this will help you to solve this issue as well. Restoring your computer is pretty easy.

However, if there is no system restore image created on your system, it will be impossible to do the same.

But, we are going to follow this process and hope that this works for you.

  1. Go to Windows Cortana and type Restore Point
  2. Click the Create a Restore Point option
  3. Now, click the System Restore button
  4. In the next pop up window, click Next
  5. Select the restore point created before this problem starts to appear
  6. Click Next to proceed
  7. Now, click Finish to finalize your restoring process

Your computer may take some time to finish this process depending on the type of your system and the size of the files. So, wait for some time and you will be able to fix this problem.

What if I am still seeing this bugcheck error?

In that case, it is time to get in touch with someone expert in this field. You can connect with a Windows computer expert or any other person who knows better about these errors.

It would be better to find the nearest service station of your computer manufacturer. They will be able to get into this problem and solve it permanently for you.

There is an online tech support number given by your manufacturer, you can try to get in touch with them as well.

It is better not to indulge in any other activity if you are not able to solve this issue after doing all these steps.

Final verdict

We hope you are now aware of how to fix “the computer has restarted from a bugcheck error”. Make sure to follow the above-given methods properly. Also, you should keep a thing in mind that you are the only responsible person if you cause any issue with your computer.

So, we will advise you not to follow anything if you are not aware of the things you are going to do further. This will be a good thing to keep your computer safer from upcoming threats.

If you have liked this article, consider sharing it with others as well. Also, you can give us your valuable feedback in the comment section.

We will surely provide you with any help you want. You can let us know about any changes or updates you want. We are open to any further articles you want to suggest to us. We keep coming with regular articles in the technology and software fields.

So, make sure to stay connected with us.