8 Best OPEN SOURCE Linux Distro for Coding and Gaming

Linux is known as an operating system for programmers, you have lots of OS distributions to create the desired environment for any sort of programming task. It is a genuine approach by lots of programmers and coders all over the world to make Linux an impressive OS with the help of amazing distributions. The reason why Linux and Best Linux Distro are becoming popular is that the other OS like Windows and not offering the benefits users want in their computer systems.

So, if you need a good Linux Distro to make any of your coding work easy for you, you surely have numerous options to choose from. Because Linux is available in different flavors or we can say distros, it becomes pretty easy to pick the best one for you by choosing them as per different parameters.

Different programmers will give you suggestions to choose different distros but here you are going to receive detailed information about numerous things.

With this article, you will surely be able to make a wise decision to pick the right distro for you in an impressive manner. Because the Linux operating system is becoming trendy day by day, you should have the most out of it when it comes to the quality of outputs.

Some Linux codes may not be available in the source-code form. E.g. when it comes to the binary blobs, you will surely need some device drivers to get everything done properly.Best Linux Distro (Distribution)

As per Wikipedia, there are more than 600 Linux distributions are available with hundreds of active developers working on them. So, if you start to reveal each of those distros, the list will become too long.

That is the reason why we have kept this article short and provided you with a list of the most popular Linux Distros. So, by the end of this article, you will surely be able to get the required information about this concept without any hassle.

So, without further discussions let’s get started. But, before we proceed further, let us help you to know some more about the Linux Distros.

What is a Linux Distro?

Linux Distro (Distribution) is an operating system that works as a package management system for Linux Kernel. When you want to have an operating system in your Linux computer, you will have to download a Linux distro which will be available for various systems including PC, Embedded devices, or Large computers.

Most impressively, most of these Distributions are free and open-source. This means, you can not only download them but tweak the codes to use them in the way you want to do.

For the coders who want to create the desired sort of programming environment on computers, various Linux distros are there in their support.

So, if you are in the search of the best Linux Distro, let’s uncover most of them in this article below.

Which Linux is most like Windows?

We can’t directly compare the Linux OS with Windows. However, you are capable of finding various Linux distributions that are effectively similar in looks to Windows.

So, if you want to have a feel like Windows but features and performance like Linux in your computer, you should be using these Linux Distros for sure.

  1. Linux Mint
  2. Kubuntu
  3. Zorin OS
  4. Chalet OS
  5. Elementary OS
  6. Robolinux

Although there are numerous option to choose when you need a Distro like Windows, these are some of the options which are highly tested and trusted by thousands of users.

So, you can easily pick any of them by research more on the internet.

Which Linux is best for gaming?

In order to play games on your computer, it is not important to have a computer with decent configurations. Having a high-performance operating system is also required to have the desired outputs for you.

When you have a Linux computer and want to play games on it, only the best Linux Distro will not work well for you. You will have to make sure you are opting for an OS that is optimized specially for gaming.

So, below are some of the best Linux for gaming you can easily choose from.

  1. Steam OS
  2. Ubuntu
  3. Lakka OS
  4. Manjaro (Gaming Edition)
  5. SparkyLinux

You can try any of these options and you will surely be able to receive impressive results for you. But, as we said earlier, make sure to research properly about your selection in order to get the results you want.

Best Linux Distros which are most popular among users

Here is a list of the best Linux Distributions you can choose for gaming and coding purpose. Some of them are free whereas some are priced.


This Linux Distribution was earlier known as Hiweed GPU/Linux. This distribution is derived from Debian so it can support desktops and laptops. The user-interface of this distribution is pretty effective along with various features like a safe and reliable system.

This Distro comes along with various preinstalled software to help the users get numerous advantages over other versions. When it comes to various recreational activities, this distro becomes the best choice for everyone.

In other words, this distro is best to fulfill everyone’s requirements in an effective manner. Lots of customizations are available for the users. Especially for the programmers, Deepin is the best distro to get the desired interface which can help them to become more productive.

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Zorin OS

It is one of the latest and widely used Linux Distribution you can effectively use to finish your programming tasks effectively. The user-interface is highly clean and polished that offers an impressive environment for any sort of recreational work.

Zorin is widely used to tweak your user-interface in effective ways so that you can get an environment that suits best for not only technical but normal tasks too. This distribution is highly powerful when it comes to performance.

Also, the developers have done a great job by making this software easy to use even for beginners too. This is the reason why it is known as the best Linux Distro.

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Solus is a multipurpose Linux Distribution best suited for office as well as home computing. Also for the technical users who want to develop codes and great effective programs, this OS can help with everything when it comes to the highest performance and efficiency.

The OS is well-integrated with the GNOME stack which helps a lot with emulation and other coding tasks. This operating system is highly impressive if we look at its appearance, performance, and overall capabilities.

Using the latest technologies of this industry, the developers have made this distro to be an impressive way for customized solutions.

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It is one of the most popular and free Linux Distro available to maximize your productivity. For both server and desktop computation tasks, this Distro is great to have interesting offerings. Debian is known as one of the best Linux Distributions to use in 2020 because of its lots of advantages.

It is one of the oldest Linux distributions and popular as a Redhat Enterprise Linux. There are more than 59 thousand packages available in total. This is the reason why it is known as a complete Linux distribution.

The user-interface is pretty simple and it can easily be customized as per the user’s choice.

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You can find this Linux Distribution not only in PCs but also in servers, tablets, smartphones, and cloud VPS too. This is one of the most popular Linux Distribution and you probably have heard about it for sure if you are in this field.

For the new users, it is the best operating system that you can use for any sort of productivity task. This distro comes in the category of Lubuntu, Kubuntu, and Xubuntu.

The OS is pretty sleek and highly impressive when it comes to learning. Performance-wise, there is no competition of Ubuntu with any other Linux Distro available in 2020.

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Manjaro is another great option to choose as your Linux Distro in 2020. It is based on Arch Linux so this is the reason why Manjaro is so much focused on the highest levels of performance along with effective installation strategies.

Whether you are a new or experienced Linux user, Manjaro will surely be a good option for you to have the desired results for any sort of computation tasks.

The visuals are impressive and you will surely get a feel like a Windows computer. However, it is easy to customize the features and functionality in the Distribution in the way you want.

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MX Linux

Know for its amazing performance and the highest levels of stability, MX Linux becomes a great option to choose for your desktop setup using Linux. The learning curve is pretty easy and you always have amazing features like easy configurations and advanced customizations.
The footprints are pretty small in size. Also, it is developed for all types of users and applications. So, when it comes to having a user-oriented operating system, MX Linux could be a good option as the best Linux Distro in 2020.

For emulation tasks, this distribution is perfect in all terms.

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Linux Mint

Linux Mint is another beautiful and highly impressive Linux Distro if we look at its performance. It is known for its stable working along with easy user-interface.

This distribution is easy to install and you will be capable of getting the most amazing benefits as compared to various other popular platforms.

It is pretty easy to configure this OS for any purpose including coding, gaming, and normal usages.

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Final Verdict

Choosing your desired Linux Distro is all up to you. As we discussed earlier, there are numerous Distros available on the internet, you are free to pick the best one as per your needs.

You should take care to research properly and then pick the right one for you. You will definitely receive the desired outputs once you have the best user-interface to use on your computer.

Although we have not covered all the distros in this article above you will have a better idea of the best Linux Distros to use in 2020.

We hope you have found this article helpful for you in every aspect. If it was information, make sure to share your valuable feedback in the comment section. Also, you can give us new ideas and suggestions related to these blogs. Do not forget to share this information with others too.

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